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WSJ: Websites Hope Viewable Ads Are Good For Business

It seems obvious marketers should only pay for ads people can see, but when it comes to Internet advertising that hasn’t always been the case. In an attempt to remedy that situation the online media industry is changing. Marketers are increasingly opting to purchase only ads they have some certainty are visible to users, as opposed to [...]

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DMNews: The Duality of Programmatic Ad Buying

Still, marketers and publishers alike have taken up programmatic buying models en masse. Eighty-five percent of advertisers use programmatic ad buying strategies and 91% expect to do so within the next couple of years, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau. With adoption like that it’s hard to avoid the practice. But with unsolved issues like [...]

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Folio: The Rise of Programmatic Advertising

With the media industry so hungry for revenue, gimmicky practices often launch industry buzzwords that achieve a rare moment of glory before quickly fizzling out. However, with the consistently championed programmatic advertising, there seems to be real substance behind the hype. With study after study showing rapid gains in programmatic spending and with projections over [...]

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#Viewability is improving, but more steps must be taken.

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