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10+ Best Music Downloader Android Apps: Enjoy Unlimited Music!

It will be amazing to carry your all favorite collection of music tracks all-time while saving these in a smartphone. Because you can assume your smartphone as your mini PC. You can also easily find out your required track from it.

Besides all, you can also listen to it everywhere whatever you are in the home or outside. Because you have the best android apps for downloading music according to your demand.

We have here some of the best android apps through which you can easily download amazing music without any charge. This list of several free music downloader apps for android phones may consist of some of the radio stations.

Therefore, check below to have some features of the apps so that you can choose the best for you.

Best Android Apps for Free Music Downloads

Google Play Music

This music downloader is one of the best apps for music lovers. This will allow you to download 50,000 songs in google cloud. And you can also listen to these saved tracks even when you are offline. Through its playlist, you can enjoy thousands of your tracks in one place.


You will have the entertainment beat even you are offline. You can enjoy an unlimited range of music everywhere by downloading Deezer into your android phone.


It is a great app for radio music station lovers. Through it, you can download a lot of music tracks according to your choice from several radio stations. It an advanced app that has a variety of the required tracks of your taste from various channels.


Jango is a radio app through which you can download any type of music whatever it is of a rock star or other from all over the globe. You can reach the individual music according to your choice through it. All kinds of music you can enjoy by downloading Jango like Classical, Rock, Pop, and Jazz. But you can have one add daily if you are using it.


Beat the music by hitting the Soundcloud into your android phone. If you will download it then you will have a large variety of music with all genres in it. From Rap or Hip Hop to all types of Rock music and more. You can enjoy any track with this app from all over the world.

4Shared Music Free Downloader

Want to have some rock n roll music while working inside or outside the home. This one is the best which you can have by downloading this app. Moreover, you can have the best variety of DJ music around the World. It can motivate your body and moves when you are doing exercise, jogging, running, and walk.


The best app to enjoy the unlimited beat on your android phone. You can make a large list of music tracks that can entertain you wherever you are. You can enjoy English, American, and Arabic music through this app. This amazing downloader will kill your boredom of all day. And make you fresher for the upcoming hours to enjoy the all. The best feature of the app is that you can save Dolby music files in it. And you will enjoy a large variety of songs by using little data.

Swift Downloader

If you want to download video files from Facebook and Instagram or more. Then this one will serve you with the best range of the music gallery. You can download any video by downloading the Swift Downloader with no time. And no add can spoil you enjoy while listening.

Music Downloader

If you want to enjoy the best app to enjoy the fantastic music then you need to download “Music Downloader”. You can download any music of 50 genres from all over the globe and make your boring moments the charming one.

Free MP3 Music Download

This app will enable you to select your favorite track from the collection of 600,000 + MP3 songs. You can trace any music track by typing the initials of any song or artist.

MP3 Music Downloader

You will get the music track of your own choice with faster speed and high quality of sound by downloading it from this app. You can download mp3 music through it and enjoy the unbeatable beat.


You will get a wide range of millions of songs and thousands of playlists while having SONGily. Just type in the search bar the name of any artist or song and enjoy the music.

PlaYo – Free Unlimited Music

PlaYo will allow you to enjoy the best quality of music and thousands of playlists which contain millions of songs for you. It will enable you to play music in the background and make you free to do any other work on your computer. You can get a radio along with your favorite songs.

Audiomack Free Music, Mixtapes

With a faster speed of downloading you will love to have such an amazing app like “Audiomack Free Music, Mixtapes”. You can share your downloaded file with your other friends and family members. And you can follow your friends to get the latest music tracks of your own choice. So, by having this app just enjoy the tracks and all other music in your android cell phone and enjoy.

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