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Watch Movies 2022: Best alternatives 123mkv to watch the movies

There are many ways to enjoy leisure time, and at this time, watching movies keep your work aside. Film Industry is flourishing overnight, and people really love to watch movies.  Another reason to watch the movies at home is that no one has enough time to visit theatres in this busy schedule.

Moreover, not all types of film released in all languages, so the best website, just like 123mkv, provides you the best services in this scenario. One of the amazing websites to get online streaming and downloading. You can select whatever genre you want as there is a huge list such as romantic, comedy, thriller, and many more.

You can watch the latest released films in different languages such as Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Kannada, etc.   Here we will talk about the best alternatives 123mkv to watch the movies.

What is 123mkv

Best alternatives 123mkv

Many websites are available to watch movies, and 123mk is one of the best among them. It is a site where you can watch movies, tv-series, and shows, short films, documentaries, etc. There is no need to spend a penny to use its services. You don’t need to control the curiosity and can download without any distractions.

Both streaming and downloading options are available, but streaming is the best option for you if you have storage issues.  All the famous and old stuff is available here. The site works best and depends on your internet speed.  You can download your favorite movie in different qualities such as 300MB, mp4, HD, Dual Audio Qualities, and Full HD.

 IS 123mkv legal?

As we know, piracy is illegal, and this site also has pirated content. No doubt, the site offers the newest releases that release on the theatres. 123mkv has a collection of all these latest movies. Well, you don’t need to worry and can use this site because this site did not get any legal issue; therefore, you can use it safely. Some people complain about such pirated websites’ security because there is a risk of disclosing your identity.  A good VPN connection hides the original identity and IP address.   123mkv gives the clients good quality videos free of cost.

Features of 123mkv

123mkv will help to download movies from the website, so here you need to know the features.

  • 123mkv offers free of cost downloading and streaming services.
  • It is a user-friendly website, and the layout is straightforward.
  • There are massive movies in different genres, such as romance, science fiction, horror, and action. Moreover, You can get Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, Tamil, and dubbed movies on the site.
  • For many websites, You need to subscribe to download the movies free of cost. But 123mkv offers free of cost services, and you don’t need to sign up or register here for online streaming movies and downloading.
  • The converters on 123mkv will help you get high-quality movies as per your device’s data capacity.

Downloading Procedure of 123mkv

If you don’t know how to download a movie from 123mkv online, you can follow our downloading instructions. So there is a simple guide to download movies, tv shows, and other stuff.

It is a pirated site that keeps on changing at regular intervals. There are simple steps to help you to download movies.

First, search on google and choose the top link from the search result. Click on it that will take you to direct the web page with 123mkv on the left-hand corner of the screen.  So you will find the latest movies on the page.

On the home page, go to the search page and type the name of a favorite movie. Your search bar shows you the result and clicks on the result of your desire. Then select the different sizes and video quality and finally click on the download link.

The downloading will start automatically.

Alternative 123mkv Websites 2020


Best alternatives 123mkv

Just like 123mkv, Filmyhit is one of the best websites where you can find your desired movies. There is a diverse and vast collection of Indian movies in which Bollywood, Hollywood, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam are included. You can watch international and English films.

This website’s major benefit is that all the movies are available in HD quality and different resolution support such as 1080p, 720, 480p, 360p, and 240 p. You get the faster speed of downloading and can download multiple movies at a time. There is an easy navigation option that keeps the list organized as well as an update on a regular basis. A vast collection of dubbed movies are available in regional languages.


Best alternatives 123mkv

TubiDy is included n our list of best alternative 123mkv websites where you love to watch movies and tv shows.  This one is a great site and has multiple features. You can stream online and download movies free of cost. Tubidy comes with amazing features as it is an MP3 platform, so you never bored. You don’t need to spend a single penny.  There is a large collection of the latest movies, and you can download all the categories from this platform. These movies are available in the best video quality with diverse collections of the latest web series and shows.  The speed is super fast, as you don’t need to wait for a long time.


Best alternatives 123mkv

1337x is a popular video streaming website that allows you to download free videos. The site is well known for its massive collection of movies. All the movie are available in HD platform as well as offers fast download services. The resolution is available between 720p, 480p and 360p. Moreover the movies you can watch in any language such as English, Punjabi, Hindi, and others.  The site is user friendly and never disappointed by the services.  Not only movies, but you also get games, movie libraries, applications, music, mp3 files, software, and many more.


Best alternatives 123mkv

Let’s talk about another torrent downloading movie site where you get the latest movies. The site keeps their collection up to date. The site offers Hollywood, Bollywood, dubbed, Regional, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, and Bengali movies.  You can download the movies in different sizes such as 300MB, and qualities like 1080p, 720p and 480p. Morover, it is user-friendly, and navigation of this site is very easy. You can watch here different genres, such as Movies, romance, horror, comedy, and actions. An amazing site where you can watch animated movies. You can download the anime series and movies with subtitles in different languages. There is a closed official telegram group where you get updates about the latest movies.

Movies Counter

Best alternatives 123mkv

Movies Counter websites are also included in our best alternative 123mkv website to watch the movies and tv shows.  The site offers great downloading content, and for that purpose, you just need a stable internet connection.  You can select any interesting movie from a large collection of latest and old movies. Besides, you can also find the movies according to the genre in which multiple genres, such as war movies, romance, action, thriller movies, available.  At this site, both Bollywood and western movies are available. Moreover, you can also get the dubbed version of original films in the best HD quality.


Best alternatives 123mkv

Onlinemoviewatchs is the kind platform where a diverse collection of Indian movies available. Moreover, Hollywood, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and other languages are also available.  If you really love 3D movies, this site will be best for you to download a movie in 3DF resolution. There is a great collection of every type of movie, and you can search according to director name, release date, and small synopsis.  You will never get bores by using this site as the site also has a dedicated control panel.


Best alternatives 123mkv

Sometimes you just want to watch some specific movies such as Tamil, Telegu and this site is best known for Tamil and Telegu movies. The site also supports others such as Kannada, Bollywood, and Hollywood movies.  Moreover, the site is best to provide HD quality videos, and there are different resolutions such as 1080p, 720p, 480p, and 360p. The site is accessible to all parts of the country. The one drawback of this site is that the advertisements and popups appear while watching the movie.


Best alternatives 123mkv

CoolMoviez is best known for the free downloading and large collection of Indian movies.  Morover, this site really works just like 123mkv, where all the latest movies are also available. One of the best options is to watch the Telegu movies, in regional languages such as Bengali, Bhojpuri, Marathi, and Kannada.

Tne site never compromises on the quality as different resolutions are available from 14p to 1080p. Furthermore, you can also download MKV and Bluray supported movies. Moreover, you can also download dubbed movies. It is easy to use and navigation option available. You can search by genre because the site supports multiple genres, such as international, thriller, movies, etc.

Bottom Line

Piracy is an illegal issue, and countries have a strict law to stop the pirated content.  The film industry is successfully growing day by day, but this pirated content damages the content.  No doubt theatre is the best option to watch the movies at the theatre.  123mkv is the best option to watch the films, and if this site problem,  then you can use alternative 123mlv websites watching movies of different genres.

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