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5 Simple Ways to Find and Land Work as a Voice Actor

As the world moves more and more towards video and voice-based content, there is an increased need for voice actors. However, as a voice actor, finding work can be pretty challenging if you don’t know where to look. This article will look at a few ways to find work as a voice actor and, more importantly, how to land those jobs once you get an audition. 

Online Voice Over Services

One of the easiest ways to find work as a voice actor would be to register with the many online voice services available on the Internet. One such service would be, an established online voice-over platform. All you would need to do is sign up, create your account, provide some information about yourself, including your experience, and provide demo examples of your work. Clients can then find you without you seeking them. 

Freelance Websites

Another option at your disposal would be making use of freelance websites. You could try many freelance websites on the Internet, such as Fiverr, UpWork, SimplyHired, and more. These websites will give you access to job postings that you can apply for. The main disadvantage compared to online voiceover services is that you will need to look for work actively.

Join a Network

Networking is essential in the voice-over industry. Much like freelancing websites, you must search the Internet for a voiceover network, join the group, and actively participate. Not only will you make friends and possibly a few mentors that can teach you some tips and skills, they might refer you if they get a job opportunity that they aren’t suited for, but they know you are. Voice artist resources will also be shared in a space like this, which can be exceptionally helpful. 

Take Voice Acting Classes

Finding work as a voice actor is one thing. Landing the job is entirely different. As such, you need to fully prepare yourself as much as possible for when you do get an audition. One of the best ways to ensure that your skills are top-notch would be to take a few voice acting classes. Much like any skill, your voice acting can be improved, and the better your voice acting, the more you will be able to charge and the more jobs you will land. Developing your skills is vital.

Practice Reading Out Loud

Another way is reading out loud as much as possible. This tip is primarily focused on those who are new to voice acting, and while it might seem like a simple, easy thing to do, you can never get enough practice. A great idea would be to read texts you are uncomfortable with and may not obviously be suited for you, as this is the only way to improve; you can’t improve without a challenge. Practice makes perfect. 

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