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7 Best Paid Streaming Services To Watch Movies and TV Sows Online!

To watch movies and tv shows have become easier with the streaming websites. You forget the theatre when you pay for expensive streaming websites.

As you now, many free streaming websites are available to watch online, but today we’re talking about the paid streaming websites to watch movies and tv shows online. Obviously, paid services always give you extra benefits as you can get here on-demand content.

There are many streaming websites which offer live streaming in HD quality such as Netflix, Amazon Prime. All these have no need for introduction, a wide variety of stuff available and make people surprise.

Netflix is well familiar paid streaming option, but besides this, many others also offer original programming. Let’s see which worthwhile options we keep.


Netflix is the top famous paid streaming service for movies and tv shows. It is a fast website where you can watch your favourite tv shows with a good internet connection. We now that paid streaming services always provide best services as you like or as you want.

Netflix makes suggestions or recommendations on the base on what you rate or what you mostly watch on it. It is best because no ads or commercials show there.

With the wide library collection, viewers can get war movies, documentaries, classic movies and tv shows, animated series, indie and true crime drama and many more on Netflix.
Streaming Fee: $7.99-$13.99 per month

What we Like

  • Optimise Interface
  • Unlimited Movies and tv shows
  • Recommendation and Suggestions

What We Don’t Like

  • Titles come fastly and disappear
  • little bit expensive

Amazon prime

Amazon prime is the biggest competitors of Netflix, which has its own original productions. It comes with the latest and greatest movie and tv shows. Amazon Studios have already got an Oscar award.

Even though you get the thousands of titles without any purchase fee. No doubt it is a best-paid streaming option which provides online tv shows and movie

Subscription Fee: $12.99/month or $99-$119/ year

What We Like

  • No commercials
  • Wide and original content

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive than other platforms
  • No available for some devices

HBO Now and HBO Go

HBO is an original premium platform where you can watch movies like theatres. It is a valuable platform which releases new content every Saturday. I think you can’t forget this platform because the most favourite season game of thrones was the original production of HBO
it comes in two ways HBO Now and HBO Go, but there is no difference in both. Furthermore, you can watch all the documentaries and movies here in A+ movie streaming services.

Subscription Fee: $14.99/month
What We Like

  • Award-winning programs
  • Top original movies and Tv shows

What We Don’t Like

  • Pricey


Just like Netflix and other paid streaming services, Hulu is included in our list because of a good variety of content. Here you can watch popular tv shows and movies. Hulu also deals with some other platforms such as amazon prime.

So you can enjoy Amazon prime’s tv show on Hulu. Moreover, the best categories of Hulu are sexiest movies, scary movies, documentaries, animated series, originals, romantic movies and tv shows. Hulu gives you different premium memberships the package comes in $8.99 for a month
Streaming fee starting at $6
What we Like

  • Wide variety of original content
  • Support many devices such as Xbox, Apple Tv and smartphones

What We Don’t Like

  • Can’t watch movies and tv shows offline
  • Frequently commercials

Disney Plus

Disney plus is an anticipated streaming service in the market where you can catch Disney movies and also Marvel, Star Wars, an animated cartoon. National Geographic content.

Disney plus offers the best services at a very low price compared to other platforms. Content at Disney plus is available in 4K resolution.
Subscription fee: $6.99/month or $69.99/year
What we Like

  • Reasonable price
  • Best content
  • UHD Resolution

What We Don’t Like

  • Some old shows in crop screen format

Google Play

google play offers its own movies and tv shows. Android and Apple users both can purchase google play version. There are options but famous tv shows episodes, complete seasons and Standard HD format movies.

There are a wide collection of different genres such as comedy, romantic, fantasy, thriller and many more.
Subscription fee: $3.99-$39.99

What We Like

  • Offers new release movies and shows episodes
  • Filter by genre and top rated
  • No commercials

What We Don’t Like

  • new content is a little bit expensive
  • pay per movie and show
  • can’t purchase for mobile devices

Sling TV

if you really like cable subscription, then sling tv is the best option for you. It is expensive but offers more and latest content. With the sling subscription, you can get a variety of ESPN channels. In other popular channels, NBC, CNN, BBC America, CNN, TBS, Cartoon Network are included.
Subscription Fee: $30-$50 /month
What You Like

  • Cheaper than cable
  • No contract required
  • better and updated content

What You Don’t Like

  • Limited on-demand content
  • Expensive with original packages


The good news is that you can’t limit yourself in one place. Yes! There are many options to watch movies and tv shows.  I hope by this article, you will find your favourite paid streaming website.

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