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8 Tips from a Professional Photographer to Elevate Your ‘Selfies’ Without Leaving Home

Not all photographs start within the mind. However, in my point of view in most self–portraits, yes,” confesses Josefina Andrés, a professional fashion photographer, during a conversation during which she gives us the practical experience to heighten our selfies during a few days.

By this, you can take a beautiful and perfect selfie without leaving the house.

This first statement hides a reality. It connects both with a generation and with the present moment. Moreover, it is exploring that the self-portraits that we publish on social networks are, for an extended time. However, another visual way of expressing ourselves is our identity and psychological state.

Platforms like Instagram, we’ve been shown the creative possibilities of this gesture, usually read as egomaniacal. Its evolution as a non-verbal communication format over time and, therefore, developing the forms and protocols of 2.0 relationships.

“As a photographer, I exploit the self-portrait to undertake to define myself. It understands who and the way I’m as a physical entity,” explains Andrés, one among the photographers who regularly sign editorial images.

“One never observes himself as he observes the opposite because the opposite will always be an entire image in three dimensions, and one will never be ready to contemplate himself like that.

Once you look at yourself in the mirror and appearance at a photograph, the result’s always different. Photography usually reveals what the brain is silent in the mirror.

Due to its sincerity and its possibilities, taking photos of ourselves at a time like this, where emotions sometimes make us lose our bodies. These are often an almost healing act”—the way to take selfies.

Because we would like to continue going to know one another, and we can share through photography. And since we would like to enhance, study the chances, and roll in the hay more and more consciously. Moreover, we ask Josefina Andrés for tips, techniques, and advice to apply in her day-to-day life reception. And from which we’ve much to find out.

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