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9 Productivity & Entertainment Apps You Should Have

Whether you have purchased a new device or are planning to make the existing one more organized, you are always looking for apps. With rapid digital transformation, apps have become an important part of our day-to-day lives, and you simply can’t deny that. 

If you are a newbie and wondering which apps you should have on your digital devices, this guide is for you. Here we bring together a list of the most useful work and entertainment apps that will make your life easier. 

Internet Browser 

That’s something you would need to start your day, even for downloading apps on the device. So first things first, install the Internet browser of your choice to get started. Make sure the browser you pick has to be super speedy so that you can do your work smoothly. 

The browser you select must allow for cross-platform sync so that you can open your phone tabs on your desktop and vice-versa. Also, keep in mind the amount of RAM the browser consumes to function normally. 

Image Editor 

If you think that image editors are only for graphic designers, rethink. At times, we all need some kind of image editing app to crop our personal images or edit images for articles. Even a beginner image editor will help you carry out your work efficiently. 

If you are a graphics designer, you would require a more advanced designing suite that is a combo of editing tools such as the color picker app, image crop app, and sound editing app, or integrates powerful background editing features. 

Office Suite 

Whether you are a full-time employee, working remotely, or a self-employed individual, your work toolkit is incomplete without Office Suite. Having a productivity suite will allow you to use documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and more. 

Most Office productivity suites are available for free, and you can download any one based on your work needs. Alternatively, you can use online Office apps that allow you to access your documents, presentations, and other data from anywhere, on any device. 

Music Streaming Apps

Today, there are a lot of music streaming apps available online, and you can download any one on your phone or computer based on your music preferences. If you’re looking to download a streaming app on your computer, keep the operating system in mind. 

For Android and iOS devices, you will find different versions of the streaming apps available, so pick the right type. Music streaming apps allow you to listen to your favorite songs without buying the albums digitally or physically. 

Media Player

Even though you don’t watch local videos often, having a solid video player on your desktop or phone is always useful. When downloading a media player, make sure to pick one that offers extended support for all media file formats. 

By having software that supports all files, you will eliminate the need to use video codecs to make a video clip playable. You don’t have to spend money on buying a media app, as there are plenty of free players available online. 

Security Apps

Since your digital devices store loads of important data, security is paramount. Having antivirus or antimalware protection is important to prevent the device and data from online security threats and hacking attempts.  

Even though all digital devices have some kind of security protection to fight against malware and viruses, it’s good to have an alternate second security program installed. Free versions work fine on personal devices, and paid security tools offer enhanced protection. 

Screenshots App

Whether you’re looking to record important information or capture funny moments, a screenshots app is important to have on your computer and phone. You can download a responsive app based on the operating system you are using. 

Sometimes, you come across some useful infographic that you want to save for later; that’s when a screenshot app comes in handy. Several screenshot apps give you plenty of options to capture the object, so explore the features before downloading it on the device. 

Cloud Storage 

Saving data on cloud shreds the load off the physical drive, making your device more responsive and functional. Over time, the physical storage media gets loaded with gigabytes of data that eats up storage space on the hard drive or SSD.

Moving data to the cloud makes things easier. There are plenty of Cloud drive options available, and you can pick one considering your data storage needs and budget. Most cloud drives offer free storage of up to 15GB, so explore all available options carefully. 

Messaging App

In the digital era, you must have at least one messaging app installed on your device to keep in touch with family and friends. With so many options available in the market, picking the right app becomes challenging. 

When installing a messaging app on your computer, phone, or tablet, make sure to take note of the RAM and storage space it consumes. The app you select should provide the best encryption for a secure messaging experience.

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