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A Bell Bearing Hunter:A field Boss in Elden rings

The Bell Bearing Hunter is a fearsome field boss that roams the wilds of Elden Ring, hunting for unsuspecting travelers who dare to wander too far from civilization. This creature is a massive, humanoid figure, standing over 12 feet tall and covered in matted fur and gnarled bone.

As its name suggests, the Bell Bearing Hunter carries a large bell on its back, which it rings to attract its prey. When it senses movement nearby, the creature will begin to ring the bell loudly, causing nearby enemies to be alerted to the player’s presence.

In battle, the Bell Bearing Hunter is a formidable foe, wielding a massive bone club with deadly precision. Its attacks are slow but devastating, capable of crushing the player’s armor and dealing massive damage. The creature is also incredibly resilient, able to shrug off most forms of damage and heal itself over time.

To defeat the Bell Bearing Hunter, players must use quick, agile attacks to avoid its powerful swings and strike at its weak spots. The creature’s massive bell can also be used against it, by hitting it with ranged attacks to cause it to ring loudly and disorient the Hunter.

Battle Strategies

Here are some possible battle strategies for the Bell Bearing Hunter field boss in Elden Ring:

  1. Avoid getting hit by the Bell Bearing Hunter’s massive bone club at all costs, as it deals devastating damage and can easily stagger you. Learn the timing and range of its attacks, and dodge or roll out of the way to avoid them.
  2. Focus on attacking the Bell Bearing Hunter’s weak spots, which are usually located on its head, arms, or legs. These areas take more damage and can be targeted for critical hits.
  3. Use ranged attacks to hit the Bell Bearing Hunter’s bell, which will cause it to ring loudly and disorient the creature. This can buy you time to heal or land some extra attacks.
  4. Beware of the Bell Bearing Hunter’s healing abilities, which allow it to regenerate health over time. Interrupt its healing with attacks or stun it with heavy hits to prevent it from recovering too much.
  5. Use the environment to your advantage. Look for areas where you can get cover or trap the Bell Bearing Hunter, such as narrow passages or cliffsides where it can’t easily maneuver.
  6. Consider using specific types of weapons or spells that are effective against the Bell Bearing Hunter’s defenses. For example, lightning-based attacks may be more effective against its armored hide, while fire-based attacks may be more effective against its fur.
  7. Bring along a trusted ally or summon other players to help you in battle. Having additional allies can distract the Bell Bearing Hunter and make it easier to land hits on its weak spots.


Defeating the Bell Bearing Hunter field boss in Elden Ring can yield some valuable rewards. Here are some examples of the rewards that players may earn:

  1. Rare crafting materials: The Bell Bearing Hunter may drop rare crafting materials that can be used to upgrade weapons and armor. These materials may be difficult to obtain otherwise, so defeating the Bell Bearing Hunter is a great way to stock up.
  2. Powerful weapons and armor: The Bell Bearing Hunter may also drop powerful weapons and armor that have unique stats and abilities. These items can give players an edge in combat and help them progress through the game.
  3. Souls: As with many other enemies in Elden Ring, the Bell Bearing Hunter drops Souls upon defeat. Souls can be used to level up your character, purchase items, and upgrade weapons and armor.
  4. Experience points: Defeating the Bell Bearing Hunter also rewards players with experience points, which can help them level up their character and increase their stats.
  5. Achievements: Defeating the Bell Bearing Hunter may also unlock specific achievements or trophies in the game, which can showcase a player’s accomplishments to others.


The Bell Bearing Hunter is a formidable field boss in Elden Ring that poses a significant challenge to players. Its massive size, powerful attacks, and healing abilities make it a tough opponent to defeat, but with careful planning and execution, players can emerge victorious and earn valuable rewards.

Some effective battle strategies for taking down the Bell Bearing Hunter include targeting its weak spots, interrupting its healing abilities, using ranged attacks on its bell, and utilizing the environment to your advantage. The rewards for defeating the Bell Bearing Hunter can include rare crafting materials, powerful weapons and armor, Souls, experience points, and achievements.

Overall, the Bell Bearing Hunter is a memorable and thrilling boss encounter in Elden Ring that requires skill, patience, and perseverance to overcome. Players who are up for the challenge will find plenty to enjoy in this epic action RPG.

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