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10 Best Adults Games for Christmas Party on a Holiday!

Christmas is one of the best events when you can spend quality with your friends and loved ones. People celebrate  Christmas with gift shopping, decorating and meal planning for quality hangout time, especially with grown-ups.

There are tons of adult games for Christmas party that you can do together on Christmas holiday night.

Best Adult Games for Christmas Party

Movie drinking game

Holiday movie drinking game is one of the best games ever that you can enjoy at Christmas. You pick a Christmas movie and identify the phrases, words, and actions that will signal to everyone and have to drink.

Everyone is so excited in this game and take a sip and swap out throat burning shots then you can give Christmas gifts to those who win.

Carolling Challenge

here is another interesting game for adults on Christmas in which you just sit in a circle and starts singing. One person sings then next and so on. You can choose classic songs for Christmas like “All I want for Christmas is You.” the person who messes up with lyrics has to take a shot.

Adults Games

Plastic Wrap Ball

one of the best game to play for adults on Christmas is Plastic wrap ball. You wrap a ball with plastic wrap and layering in little presents such as gift cards, candy, cash, liquor bottle. One person begins to unwrap the ball and other rolls a pair of dice trying to roll doubles.

When the dice doubles rolled then ball passes to the next player and sequence continue like this. Every person continues to stop unwrapping until the person rolls doubles and creates the urgency to keep rolling as fast as possible you pass.  There is so fun to unwrap the thing.

Two truths and Dare

Everyone is familiar with this game in which you make three statements. Everyone tries to guess the true and false. The person who guesses the correct answer they win prizes.

Christmas Cook-off

Delicious treats are already considered the best holiday activity. So you can convert it into Christmas Top chef style competition in which you prepare cookies and other stuff with surprise holiday ingredients. After that, you make a panel of judges who tell you who is the winner.

Adults Games

Gingerbread House Competition

Making a gingerbread house is an interesting activity on Christmas.  You make 2 or 3 teams and then built houses and décor it. You keep time limit, and the winner is who has prepared gingerbread house in a short time.

Holiday Sausages

Now let’s talk about some silly games in which one is Holiday Sausages. In this game, you make two teams in a parallel row; one team makes a question and poses it to the person. Other people answer it with holiday sausages. It is one of my favourite game to on Christmas.

Toilet Paper Snowman Challenge

In this game, Toilet Paper snowman challenges you to make teams of 2 to 4 players. In this one person is snowman and others are builders.

The purpose of the game creates a snowman by wrapping your friend or co-worker with toilet paper. Prizes are given to the most realistic, most pathetic and best use of found objects.

Adults Games

Favorite Things to Play

Here is another game to play for adults on Christmas in which your guests bring gifts and then exchange randomly. It is the best way to introduce your friends to Christmas.

Giving Funny Awards

You can create more funs with your friends on Christmas like you can give funny awards or certificates for each person.  It is the best way to get some laughs.


Fun with friends is the best way to enjoy Christmas and games could be best at that event. Therefore, we mentioned adult games for Christmas parties so that you can have a cheerful event.

Adults Games

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