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Afilmywap 2022: 14 Best Alternatives Afilmywap Websites for Streaming and Downloading Movies

Do you love to watch movies in your free time? If yes then definitely you would like a hustle-free website. Sometimes people feel difficult to pay for every movie and go for a cheap option.  That’s why most people ask for pirated movie websites to get an amazing collection of movies.

Among so many, one of the best pirate movie websites is Afilmywap, which has got popularity over the years.  Afilmywap considers one of the best replacements for cinema because it has the latest Bollywood movies with regional language and South Indian dubbed movies.

It is an extensive option that comes with many movie categories and options. No doubt it works best but doesn’t ignore the fact that it is pirated, so get banned from time to time. Therefore, for those situations, we are providing you with information about some alternative websites.

What is AFilmywap

Afilmywap is an online pirated movie website where you can stream online and download the latest movies. It is a safe and secure platform and no need to worry about malware and viruses on the website. One of the versatile website where the range of Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, regional and dubbed movies are available.

The most famous movies on this website are Indian movies, and people love to watch them. So, if you want to stream the latest movie, you need to wait for it because it never updates the movie on the same day of release.

Features of Afilmywap

  1. Afilmyap is a straightforward website and works smoothly without any complications. The site comes with some of the best movie collections, and that’s the major reason to consider it the potent option.
  2. Multiple Categories are available on this website, making it easier for you to stream and download the movies.
  3. Every film has a different language and genre, and it is mentioned below every movie, so it is easy to search.
  4. Bollywood movies have a wide range; however, many latest Hollywood movies are also available here. Moreover, regional language content is also available if you really like to watch it.

Is Afilmywap Legal?

No doubt filmy wap is the best website, but the content is posted illegally here. Every content is pirated that means that it’s not original.  The site claims that you can watch the movies on the platform at the suggested time.

How to Download the Movies From Afilmywap?

The downloading process from Afilmywap is simple. The reason is that everything is categorized, and you just need to pick the movie to watch and download according to stepwise. The site does not demand any unnecessary options; that’s why it is considered an incredible option.

Alternative Afilmywap Websites 2021

Afilmywap is a torrent and pirated website, and it can be banned at any time. The reason is that it updates the new release movies illegally.  In this case, you can avail some better option such as


Khatrimaza is one of the best alternative websites, with a wide range of movies available. It is a famous and oldest platform that provides the best quality. Khatrimaza is an amazing platform, and the major advantage is that it updates new movies on the same day as the release date.

You can stream online and download the movies on the same date when the movie display in the cinema. Moreover, another amazing feature is that you get quality videos and no need to worry about the quality.  You need a  good internet connection on your device to watch and download the movies.

What We Like

  • Wide range of movies collection
  • Latest movies available on the release day
  • Excellent quality
  • Both streaming and downloading option available


We are adding in our list of best alternative Afilmywap 2021 list is Movierulz. This site considers best for Bollywood movies so you can get streaming and downloading whatever you need. It has an organized interface and movies are categorized so that you can find them easily on the site.

It makes it easier for people to download movies without any difficulty. If you feel any difficulty finding the movies on aflimywap, you can get your desired movie here in the best quality. In addition too, all the Hindi dubbed movies are available, you can watch them here.

What We Like

  • Best collection of Bollywood movies available
  • Organized interface
  • HD quality


Let’s talk about another great alternative Afilmywap option called filmyzilla. There is the largest library of movies where unconventional movies are also available. Also, a big list of Hollywood movies could be found here easily on this pirated website.

The navigation is so easy, and all the latest releases are included in the upper section.  Movies are categorized here on the basis of genre and language. You can enjoy it without any difficulty if you have a fast-speed internet connection.

What We Like

  • The largest collection of Bollywood and Hollywood movies
  • Easy navigation
  • Streaming and downloading options are available


People don’t have much knowledge about the pirated websites that provide HD quality videos. Among specific pirated websites, 7Stra HD is much better than others because it prints the movies in HD quality. The major advantage is that first, it screened and then updated.

Among the popular genres, you find here the best Bollywood romance and action movies as well as Hollywood movies. For getting the HD quality of movies, you just need enough space in your device with a fast internet connection.  Moreover, you can download the stuff here without any issue.

What We Like

  • HD Quality videos
  • Romance and Action Movies
  • both stream and download options


If you are looking for an alternative Afilmywap individual website that can be open on their phones. So it is one of the best Wapking where the massive collection of the latest movies and songs available.  The website is easy to use and has a smooth interface.

The best thing is that ads do not irritate the website that ensures that nothing poses an obstruction to your navigation.  Another best advantage is that they have high-quality prints—no need to compromise on the quality while downloading the movies.

What we Like

  • Massive collection of massive movies and songs
  • Easy to use and smooth interface
  • Ads never interrupt while watching the movies


Another alternative website that comes with the latest movies and songs is Pagalworld. It is a quite popular one because of the massive library. Moreover, you can download the latest songs as well. It is a secure platform to download movies.

Just like Afilmywap,  you never regret to spend the time and money on it.  A well-organized website with a wide collection of movies. In a different type of movies, Bollywood, Hollywood, South Indian, and dubbed movies are available.  The only drawback is that subtitles are not available along with the movies, so you might download them separately.

What We Like

  • Latest Songs and Movies available
  • both download and streaming option available


Moviezwap is the best alternative website and works like Afilmywap. It is a credible option because the site shares a wide collection of movies. Furthermore, the site has a one-step download process; it means you just select the movie and click on the download button.  One of the hassle-free websites and hosts a combination of Bollywood, Hollywood, and South Indian movies. It never compromises on the website.

What We Like

  • Wide Collection of Movies
  • One Step Downloading Option
  • Hassle-Free Website


As the name shows, it is an extraordinary website where unconventional movies available. The host provides the best list of movies that you can’t find on other pirated websites.

The reason to select as the alternative Afilmywap is that it has an amazing layout and user interface. Moreover, it is pretty simple and useful and allows easy navigation without any hassle.

You can download Bollywood, Hollywood, and all the south Indian movies here. The one drawback is that it never updates the movies on the same day of release to save yourself from piracy issues, therefore you wait for few days or a week to watch the new movies.

What We Like

  • Unconventional Movies
  • Amazing Layout
  • Easy Navigation


Moviemad is another suggested alternative option where fanatics and the latest films available. Moreover, the latest release movies are updated there is a huge library. You never regret using this platform because it gives you a variety of movies.

Another incredible benefit is that it is proactive security that you get here so no need to worry about viruses or malware.  Moreover, this platform is also famous for all dubbed collections so you can enjoy all kinds of stuff there.

What We Like

  • Fanatics and Latest Movies Available
  • Huge Movies Platform
  • Dubbed Movies Collection


Among so many pirated websites, it is difficult to replace one site with another; however, Todaypk is the best alternative website for the latest releases. It comes with a vast collection that you can stream and download without any issue.

We consider it an incredible option because of the easy downloading process and interactive user interface. One drawback is that the platform does not have regional language movies and mainly focus on Bollywood movies.

What We Like

  • Latest Release Movies Available
  • Variety of movies
  • Easy downloading process
  • Interactive user interface

 Jio Rockers

Jio Rockers host provides the number of Bollywood and Hollywood movies. If you have so many pirated websites to watch Bollywood movies, you should avail this one. It comes with incredible features like a variety of movies with high quality.

Moreover, you can get all the Bollywood and South Indian movies here. The disadvantage of the website is that it has a high rate of ads that cause obstriction while downloading. So you just have to need a fast internet connection.

What We Like

  • Number of Bollywood and Hollywood Movies Available
  • Variety of movies with high-quality Videos


With the amazing services, we are adding movie 4k to our list of best alternative Afilmywap 2021 websites to stream and download the movies. The site gained popularity over the years and is now ranked among the top pirated websites.

There is a large collection of movies under different genres. Besides, the traditional Bollywood movies and dubbed movies option available that you can download. No doubt it looks amazing with the high-quality videos, but don’t expect that it will give you the same-day release.

What We Like

  • Both streaming and Downloading Option available
  • A large collection of movies under multiple genres


A quite famous pirated website is Mydownloadtube and known for the best movie collection. Besides movies, the number of mp3 songs is available here to download. A number of Bollywood, South Indian, and Hollywood movies are available on Mydownloadtube. Moreover, the an extensive range of download options available with a low to high speed downloading range. You can select the range whatever you want.

What We like

  • mp3 songs available along with movie
  • Support of a variety of languages
  • HD Quality Video


If you enjoy the movie individually, the Movies Da is the best .option for you to download all the latest South Indian movies.  You get a wide range of south Indian and Bollywood movies available. Just there is a need for a little bit of organization on this platform. Due to improper categories, people face difficulty to search for their desired movie.

What We Like

  • best for individual use
  • Wide range of movies collection


Is downloading on Afilmywap worth it?

No doubt Afilmywap is the amazing pirated website that is known for its versatility.  It is not secure enough but best because of the vast collection of movies. That’s why it considers the worthy option where you can spend time and money.

Have We HD quality movies on Afilmywap?

Most of the movies on Afilmywap are in HD quality. However, if the movie updates quickly after the release date, it wouldn’t have high quality.

Is Aflmywap Secure?

Afilmywap is very common for people, but it does not have viruses or malware, so there is no need to worry.  Your device remains safe while using this website.


Piracy is completely illegal, and we do not promote pirated websites.  This article is written for informational purposes. So you must be careful when you use any pirated website.

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