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After getting Minecraft, PUBG, Microsoft Eyes Age of Empires to Conquer Gaming World

The popular game of XBOX started on the computer like Minecraft and PUBG: Battlegrounds. Now the strategy game franchise Age of Empires is back. Minecraft Corp is a pioneer of the personal computer and one of the largest video game console makers.

The result of the effort is Age of Empires IV, the first installment in 16 years. This strategy game is set in medieval times in which players took control of the Roman Empire. The game, which comes out on Thursday, got favorable reviews.

There is an average of 83 % on Metacritic and placed it in the top 10 new PC games. The project is Shannon Loftis, who secured the job five years ago and said that it was a time when Microsoft must take computer games seriously.

Xbox and related content accounts earn $15 billion in annual game revenue. Well, the original Age of Empires helps Microsoft ambitions in PC games, but the company has wavered over the decades.

There is a mission to attract game lovers that exceed that console. Almost 1.4 billion people play games on computers all around the world. It is more lucrative in the market and dedicated fan-based. It is a key game platform where the Xbox is not strong like South Korea and China.

PC games are more valuable than Microsoft. They drive customer demand for high-end windows computers and are drawing more players to Microsoft’s broader game empire.

Well, the company was repackaging its console games for purchase on Steam, the most popular PC game store, and shifted from console sales as a driver of sales. The most popular Xbox games are Minecraft and PUBG: Battlegrounds.

In 14 years, last year, Microsoft released a new Flight Simulator. Sony Group is laying plans to emulate Microsoft’s strategy. The Japanese company is trying to bring the play station titles to the PC, and after a few months, got a Dutch outfit called Nixxes Software. Microsoft has been making computer games as back as 1982.

It developed the number of children’s games on CD _Rom based on Magic School Bus Books. But they never took the business seriously.  Now the first time in an Age of Empires game, there is a fully mobile civilization like Mongols.

Players pick up and move in every manner. The company sent a team to Mongolia to meet with people who specialize in horse archery.  The Chinese group has gunpowder in the game, The English have longbows, the French fight with knights, and Delhi Sultanate can unblock elephants.

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