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Alternatives 9xMovies: The 20 Best Sites Like 9xMovie

Alternatives to 9xMovies. If you want to find the best sites like 9xMovies to download TV shows, Hindi-dubbed movies, Hollywood movies, and Bollywood movies, here are some to check out.

Alternatives to 9xMovies
We’re talking about these alternatives to 9xMovies so that you’ll have more than one way to watch videos online.



Zoogle used to be called BitSnoop. You could use it to find free pirate movies online to download with Zoogle. It’s one of the best places where you can get free movies online. So far, it is the first site like 9xMovies that lets you look for and download free HD movies.



Showbox is an app for smartphones that lets you watch movies for free and has a built-in media player app.

Showbox is a good choice if you want a mobile app that lets you watch and download movies in HD quality on both Android and iOS devices.


Bobby Movie was shut down, so CotoMovies took its place. Since then, it has become one of the best places to find new movies, download free movies, and watch movies online.

CotoMovies is one of the newest apps that you can use to download HD movies from Hollywood and Bollywood to your phone.

4. The DownloadHub

The DownloadHub

DownloadHub is another public website where you can look for movies, download them, and watch them online for free. DownloadHub has a variety of movies that you can download and watch online.

Movies that aren’t stored on the platform, however, are linked to an outside source where they can be streamed or downloaded.



8xMovies is yet another great website for free HD Hollywood, Bollywood, and Hindi videos that can’t be beat.

It’s like 9xMovies in terms of the quality of the movies you can download and watch online. If you want to add another site where you can download movies for free and watch HD movies online, 8xMovies is a good choice.

6. Videota


Vidmate is a well-known app for mobile phones that lets you download movies from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But the Vidmate app is another one that lets you download movies and watch them on your phone.

Even if you’ve never used an app before, you’ll be able to figure out how to use this one. It is like the CotoMovies app and the Showbox app.



TubeMate isn’t just a way to save movies from YouTube and Facebook. The mobile app can be used by anyone to download movies or watch them online. The flexible app is an APK that has a screen full of links to download and watch different kinds of movies.


FzMovies is another video site where you can get free movies and watch them online. The site has a lot of different movies that you can download and watch online.

FzMovies has a lot of HD movies online, including Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, Hindi-dubbed, Telugu, Tamil, and other types.


Filmywap is a website where people with mobile phones can look for and download free movies to watch on their phones. You can download a lot of different HD movies from the mobile site.

But if you have a PC with a bigger screen, you can use FilmyWap movies to look for and download free movies online.

10. Stremio


Stremio is another app for smartphones that lets you download and watch movies. The mobile app has everything you need to look for and download any kind of movie.

When you find your favorite movies to download on this site, you can either download them or use the app’s media player to watch them live online.

You don’t have to worry about things like VLC, MxPlayer, and so on.

11. Khatrimaza


Khatrimaza is another site like 9xMovies that you can use to watch movies for free. You might want to add Khatrimaza to your new list if you want to download English-dubbed movies, 4K movies, and other famous movies.

Your website with a list of free videos will be missing Khatrimaza if you don’t have it.


This is a website where you can download movies that have already been made. You can download movies that are thrillers, episodes, new releases, popular movies, and have the best quality.

Movies365 has a lot of free HD movies that you can watch without giving them anything in return.


LosMovies HD is another popular site on this list that lets you download movies for free and watch them live. It’s for movies, for sure.

The website uploads movies straight to their server and lets you download them for free. You don’t have to sign up for anything or use your 2G network to watch them. But if you want to watch LosMovies, you should use a 4G or 5G network.


If you can’t stop getting good movies and only watch 4K movies online, you’ll love this free movies website.

4KMovies isn’t a new site for downloading movies, music, files, and other things. It has been online for a while, and it hasn’t lost its reputation for sharing HD movies in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bollywood, Hollywood, and other languages. 
You can’t miss out on this free movies website if you want to download or watch movies. You can download different kinds of movies from WorldFree4U and watch them live in HD on your phone or PC.

WorldFree4U should be another site you think about if you want to download movies like Hollywood and Bollywood movies in HD.

FilmyWap is a hip-hop group.


If you are added to a mobile website where you can download movies and watch different kinds of movies online. The first choice to think about is FilmyWap.

FilmyWap is a free movies website that focuses on mobile users. Since then, it has promised to post and share different kinds of HD movies from all over the world so that they can be downloaded for free and watched live online.

Do you think the same things I do? If so, I would add Filmywap to my list of sites where I can watch and download movies for free.

18. Movie-zilla


Filmyzilla is next on this list. Filmyzilla does not have a well-designed interface, but it is a good site where you can get free movies and watch them online if you want to.

On Filmyzilla, you can get any movie in the best quality. Not only that, but watching movies is just one of the few things you can do on Filmyzilla.

19. MovieHit


FilmyHit is a new site for movies that I just found, and it’s one of the best you can think about. FilmyHit is great for downloading TV shows, movies, thrillers, and episodes.

You can use the FilmyHit movies download site to get movies in different qualities, like HD and SD. So, you should think of this as one of the free sites like 9xMovies where you can download movies.

20. MovieRulz


Before we leave, I’ll quickly tell you that MovieRulz is another popular site for downloading and watching movies. It’s easy to look for and download free movies, and you can also stream free movies online.

If you want to add MovieRulz to your list of free sites to stream movies online in 2019, it is one of the few that has good material and most of it in HD quality.

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