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Andie Rosafort: Everything You Need to Know

Andie Rosafort, who works for the New Fairfield School District, was charged on March 1 with sexual misconduct with a 14-year-old student. Fox News Digital said that Andie Rosafort was arrested in February on suspicion of assaulting a 14-year-old boy. The criminal complaint says Rosafort talked to the girl online when she was only in eighth grade. When the boy was in ninth grade, Rosafort is said to have lulled him into her car and then beaten him. On February 17, an arrest warrant was issued for the lunch lady. Three days later, she reportedly gave up. She is being charged with second-degree sexual assault, putting a child in danger, and computer luring.

The Secret Case of Andie Rosafort

Andie Paige Rosafort is listed as married on Meaww, but we don’t know if she is really married or not. There was also a secret TikTok account she used to post videos to when no one else was around. It was called @thepeachespaige. Based on what the New York Times says, Rosafort and the victim talked about her in a friendly way for months before she sent him sexually explicit pictures in September 2022. When Rosafort was arrested, police got her cellphone information and found that she had given the victim several sexy photos and videos. After a few months, when the boy was 14, Andie Rosafort is said to have taken him from a party and beaten him in her truck. She told the police that the kid started acting “strangely” when he got back.

What Is the Case Of Andie Rosafort Instagram?

According to court records, Rosafort had been talking to the child on Instagram and Snapchat for six months. The police say Rosafort also sent films of masturbation. It is also said that she asked for pictures of the teen. Police found a picture of the boy without a shirt on her phone. He once said he couldn’t go to a party because he had to take care of some family business. His friends thought this was strange. When he showed up again, people said he was “acting strange.” The teen then broke down in tears and said that he had sex with the lunch lady and was leaving the party “to have sex with a woman.”

Description Of The Occurrence

With an arrest warrant out for Andie Rosafort from the Connecticut State Police, she turned herself in to them on February 20. She was accused of second-degree sexual assault, using a computer to lure a child, and putting a child in danger. News8 got an affidavit that says Rosafort had an online relationship with a freshman student who was not named for six months. During that time, they sent each other messages on Snapchat and Instagram.

“The victim told police he received a message from Rosafort saying, ‘You want to see something?'” before she sent him naked pictures, the station said. The complaint says that Rosafort gave the victim another picture of herself without clothes after the victim asked her if the first picture had been sent to her by mistake. On January 14, a group of students got together, and the alleged victim reportedly said he was going to leave but would come back. At his return, he was “behaving oddly,” reported a witness.

More on the complaint: the person who is being accused told police that Rosafort asked for his address and then picked him up in her SUV. The victim also said Rosafort drove nearby and slept with him and his friends in the SUV. Police say the person got out of the SUV because they felt unsafe inside before going back to the party at their friend’s house.

A witness told her father about the attack, and he told school officials right away. “Explicit content and depicting an individual identified by investigators as Rosafort,” the police statement said. “Detectives reportedly inspected the alleged victim’s cell phone and found many videos on a social media site.”

Who is the suspect?

When the police got pictures and videos from Rosafort’s social media account, they said they could confirm what the victim said by comparing them to what the victim said. Rosafort was freed after putting up a $100,000 bond. On March 23, she has to go to court. There was no indication that she had hired a lawyer to represent her.

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