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Best Fairy Tale Games for PS4, PC, Xbox One and Android

Fairy tale games are popular nowadays because the western audience wants good entertainment from video games. Therefore the number of animated video games is increasing day by day.

For that purpose, the fairy tale franchise produces many brilliant games, and definitely, you will like all these. You can play these fairy tale games on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PX, and Android.

Here the list is given of some fairy tail magic games which don’t compare with hentai games there are different than those games.

1.Sunday VS Magazine: Shuuketsu! Choujou Daikessen

Sunday Vs Magazine is one of the best fairy tail games, and if you did not play this game, then it means you are missing the best anime video game. This game not only features vibrant characters but also shows the stars from Shounen Sunday and Weekly Shounen Magazine.

It is a 2D fighter game that is similar to Dragon Ball Fighter Z. it is a fast-paced game that has a hard time between fights.   The game has a deep combat system and dozens of characters, and you can check their abilities by testing of training mode.

The brawler mode takes to you swarms of Al-enemies, which is also challenging. Meanwhile, the story mode is best for all except the English-speaking Players.

2. Fairy Tail Portable Guild 2

Portable Guild 2 is the earlier story arcs of the Fairy tail where you experience your favorite characters. The gameplay is not canon and explores many quests that find in the game.  It is a guild system in place which allows you to connect with other players.

There is no active player located in the competition; therefore, you always play build-based quests. Here is the character creation tool found which works well. Moreover, the customization features of the game prevent two characters from looking in the same get-up.

3. Fairy Tail Gekitou! Madoushi Kessen

One of the popular titles Madoushi kessen is included in our best fairy tale games. You can play it on Nintendo Ds and Nintendo 3DS.  Due to Nintendo 3DS, you can easily access the Japanese Nintendo eShop.

This game has similar mechanics to other anime games, and there are no fancy mechanics. There are hundreds of side missions found which allow you to earn exclusive items and level up characters very quickly.  Wizard battle was the first Nintendo DS fairy tail game, but we must recommend Gekitou! Madoushi Kessen to play.

4.Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou

Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou is an important PSP title, and if you are really familiar with the fairy tail battle, then you must give it a shot to this game.

The gameplay is amazing, which boasts a massive cast of stars and the story is also engaging.  Here you explore all the hidden lore connected to every character in the game.

5. Hero’s Journey

One of the popular games in the fairy tale franchise is Hero’s journey which really does justice to the original content. This game went live in 2018 as free to play title. You can fight all along with them as you explore well-crafted missions.

You start the game by picking the character and class and get a unique playstyle in each class; therefore, you can choose as you want. It is similar to an RPG game so you can enjoy this game.

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6. Zeref Awakens

Zeref Awakens is one of the classic fighting games in which three arcs are included such as Oracion Seis, Edolas, and Tenrou Island.

Fans are happy with the gameplay and storyline and best if you want a quick recap of some of the most iconic episodes of the anime games.  The game is becoming popular with over 50 characters. Developers did a fantastic job by developing this game, and it came in 2012.

7. Brave Guild Fairy tail game

Brave Guild is one of the best fairy tail games on our list if you love to play card games such as Hearthstone.  It was released in the western, and you can get it from the Japanese Apple Store on Play Store.

You use a limited set of cards in the game, and building skills are put to the test immediately. As you go up, you get better cards and experience. With time you make a myriad of decks based on different strategies.

Enemies which need to be taken down swiftly can be dealt with using aggressive decks and other enemies that like to swarm decks need to be held off using control decks. In this game variety of midrange decks are found in aggressive playstyle.  You can also play with the collaboration of other friends and fulfill the goals set by the game.

8. Brave Saga Fairy Tale

Brave Saga is a Candy Crush Saga with animated characters. Many stars have come back for this highly addictive game. The developers included the story, which keeps progression as you clear the levels, and it is the best way to mix multiple genres.

You can easily clear the puzzle level, and if you fail to solve puzzles several times, then you invest some money to progress again.

9. Goku Mahou Fairy Tale Game

Here is another best fairy tale mobile game on our list but it is only available in Japan. It is an engaging fighting game available for android and iOS. Every age group can play this game where you need to keep your level up with the combat’s fast-paced action.

The gameplay is reminiscent of and best turn-based RPG franchises on Nintendo consoles. With progression, you become powerful and gain more levels.


If you are a game lover, then I am sure this article will be beneficial for you because here you can select your fairy tail games and enjoy the different characters.


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