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Color Live Tv App To Watch the Best Shows

Color Live Tv is a streaming app where you can watch different colors tv shows. This app is available on Voot, which provides access to color shows like Big Boss.

Another benefit is that you can also vote for your favorite contestant through this app. An amazing fact is that it is a free app and does not demand any additional downloading or installation.

What Do You need to Enjoy Color TV App?

1. First, you need to download it. Visit the play store or apple store to download this app on your device.

2. After downloading, you enter your email id to sign in. However, if you are a regular viewer, you can use the same credentials as before login. For that purpose, you click on the ‘register yourself’ button and provide your full name, phone number, date of birth, etc. After that, you receive a verification message to verify that it’s you.

Color Rishtey Live TV Naagin 3

Naagin Season 3
It is a thriller novel based story that possesses supernatural powers and abilities in India. It follows the story of a family in which every member tries to find peace with each other.

Color TV Hosts
Vikas Gupta and Vaitaal Malik are the hosts of the third season. It airs every Saturday on the color tv live app. They give the idea about girls that why they join the world of mystics, sorcerers, healers, and witches.

Color Tv Live Kannada, Kannada, Marathi Tv Shows 24/7

Color Tv app is available in Hindi, Marathi, and Kannada languages. People can watch the show 24/7 without any subscription fee. There is a need to download the app from the apple store or google play store. You get access to all color tv live shows without any charges.

Live Voting

The best feature of the app is that you can vote for your favorite contestants just by clicking on their names or photo. But you have to do this as soon as possible because there is a limited number of voters per episode.

Colors Tv Live Apk Download

You are at the right place to get this app. Just go to google play store or apple store to watch your favorite shows. Start downloading it without any additional charges.

Color Tv Live Channel

Color TV live is not actually a channel; it’s an app. You can watch the Voot app so that you don’t face any buffering and disturbance.

Colors Rishtey Live Jio Tv

Color tv app is also available on jio tv, which is free to watch without any subscription fee.
Naagin season 3 airs every Saturday at 6 pm that you can watch free of cost. After the show, you can fill the form and submit your vote.

Voot Colors Tv Live Big Boss

Big Boss Season 17 to onward also telecast on this channel. So you can also make suggestions which will be nominated for today and cast a vote for them.

Bottom Line

Well, the Color tv app is the best place to watch the Naagin Season and Big Boss Show. The amazing is that it’s simple to use and does not require any kind of subscription fee.


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