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Drew Pritchard’s New Spouse – Do you think he’s seeing Rebecca Pritchard?

Drew Pritchard, a British TV star, is on the Salvage Hunters team. So, he’s been in shows like “The Restorers,” “Classic Cars,” and “Best Buys.” He was so good at finding useful things in the trash that people called him “The Junkyard Genius.” Pritchard is said to have paid £15,000 for the card table and chair from the 1800s.

Everything About Drew Pritchard’s New Wife

Name Andrew Drew Pritchard
DOB 24 June 1970
Age 51 (as of 2022)
Zodiac Cancer
Sex Straight
Marital Status Divorced
Weight 87 KG
Hair Colour Bald
Net Worth $9 Million

New Wife? Is Drew Pritchard dating his sister, Rebecca?

Is Drew Pritchard dating his sister, Rebecca

Drew and Rebecca Pritchard are not going out together. They got married, but things did not go well in their marriage. The divorce between Drew and Rebecca was completed in 2017. Because the reason for their breakup wasn’t said, it’s safe to assume that both people were okay with it. Not many people believed that Drew’s friendship with Amanda Thomas was the reason they broke up. But Amanda and Drew were no longer together before the problem came up. The story that Drew and Amanda Thomas had been dating for almost two years seemed to be true.

From the time their boys became friends, they’ve known each other. But when he thought about how life might change things, he decided to try to save his marriage. Drew and Rebecca Pritchard are no longer together, but they still work together on the show Salvage Hunter and try to get their kids to be friends. Since the split, Drew Pritchard had been happy being single and childless.

Drew Pritchard’s first wife was named Rebecca

Rebecca Jane Pritchard, Drew’s first wife, was a reality TV star and real estate business owner. Rebecca’s main working area seemed to be the rural parts of northern Wales. Besides that, she owned a campground that she often let guests use. She was born in the UK in February 1958 and is now 63 years old. For her first few jobs, Rebecca worked as a fashion and retail expert for companies in both the US and Hong Kong.

She worked in this field for almost twenty years, and it was during that time that she met Drew. This happened in the first few years of the 2000s. Because they were both interested in old things and junkyards, their friendship grew quickly. Soon after, they got married, though the exact date is still being talked about. Drew and Rebecca’s relationship grew stronger as they worked together on the TV show. Drew and his first wife got along great.

Children of Drew Pritchard

Drew and his ex-wife, Rebecca, have a child named Tom Pritchard. Tom helps out in the shop all the time. Online, you won’t be able to find any more details about Tom. Drew has more than one son or daughter, or even that he has any children at all, which is also very strange. People know Drew Pritchard as a TV host who knows a lot about old buildings. His most famous TV performance was on the hit show Salvage Hunters: Discovery and Quest.

Drew Pritchard’s New Wife’s Net Worth

Drew Pritchard is expected to be worth more than $8 million in 2023. The antique dealer’s job as a host on Salvage Hunters has made him a lot of money and helped him build up his wealth. In addition to his other business interests, Pritchard also runs an antique restoration store. At this point, we don’t know how much the store owner makes a year.

Drew loves looking for lost wealth. In 2011, he made his TV start on Salvage Hunters, which launched his career and earned him praise from critics. He first designed and fixed up etched glass before turning his attention to old things. As part of his job, he deals with old building materials. Since going out on his own in 1993, he has put a lot of emphasis on the uniqueness and quality of design in the old things he sells. Pritchard has chosen to sell the house he has lived in for almost twenty years. The last price he gave for the house was 795 thousand pounds.

More About Drew Pritchard More

Drew Pritchard was born on June 24, 1970. He sells old buildings and architecture. As an artist and etched glass restorer, he learned the skills he needed to find old things and fix them up. He opened his own business in 1993 and has always made sure that the antiques he sells are one-of-a-kind and well-made. Someone made a TV show about his life as an antiques dealer in 2011. It was called Salvage Hunters.

Over 137K people follow the antiques trader on Instagram (@drewpritchardantiques), where he mostly posts about his projects. Drew had a show too, but he also made furniture for Barker & Stonehouse, and they were the only ones who sold it. Drew Pritchard still posts pictures of the old things he has found on his website and on social media. People don’t know about his personal life because he likes to keep it private.

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