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Five Best Drinking Game Apps Without Cards to Play With Friends

Drinking with friends is a fun experience where you want the company of your loved individuals. Only good friends can play pranks on each other. When they drink with friends, it could be boring too when they meet and drink almost every week.

Drinking games are intelligent games when they take place. These are great, too; one thing that should be noted is that if you and your friends are planning pre-game, you should call Unver instead of driving to your next destination.

Drunk driving could never be a good choice and lead to injuries and death in a car accident. People also search for drinking games without cards. here we are listing the five best drinking game apps that you can play with friends.


Picolo is a drinking game that is available for android and iOS platforms. It is the greatest quality game and has simple rules to understand. It requires the players to write down their names in the app and then follow the instructions which are being replayed on the screen.

Players will face hilarious challenges while being a part of this game. Piccolo is a brilliant game for people who want to overcomplicate things and enjoy a pastime that is simple and fun. It is a brilliant game who do not want to overcomplicate things. 

The King’s Cup

Among the best ones, the king’s cup is the drinking game which deals with cards and instructions being written to them. You need to select the card from the circle, which is available on the screen and written on the face of the card.

It has options for customizing the cards. You can custom your own rules, challenges and change the color on the screen. It is a complete package when one is talking about a simple and fun drinking app.

Drunk Potato

Drunk potato is a game and has been developed for both android and iOS platforms. Prodigal Creative LLC company presented this game in which the classic idea of the hot potato is included.

It is not just about the fun but also fast-paced. There is a list of questions that have been inserted in the app and get delivered to you at random and need to answer quickly. This one is a brilliant and simple game that makes when two drinking parties meet for fun.


iPuke is the best drinking game apps in the market. This game has simple rules and does not have any limit to the number of players who can play this game.

Just choose the total number of players who are going to play the game and select one card from the collection of card decks that are available in the app.

A bizarre request is mentioned in the card or drinking the number of shots that have been specified. This game helps introverts to break the ice and get drunk for sure.


Drinkie is the perfect game, especially for party lovers, and provides you with an experience that takes in all the vital elements. It is a perfect game for any occasion and has many custom questions that make the game more fun.

There are four different game modes such as Tipsy, Ridiculous, Sexy, and Macho. It provides you with a huge selection of options among which you can choose.


Kings is another old-fashioned drinking game and which has decks of cards. You get the feeling of the traditional card by playing a highly entertaining and fun game. You can even change the meaning of the decks and customize them according to your tastes.

Bottom Line

Well, these are the five best drinking game apps to play with friends. You can select one of them and can enjoy it with your friends.

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