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Five New Trends in the Tech Industry

The tech industry is always coming up with impressive and exciting updates every year. Some innovations have changed the world and improved different sectors like the betting industry. You can bet on NASCAR odds easily. And the good thing is that technology will only get better. Science will continue to find the best possible way for humans to leave, giving way to newer innovations.


This year there have been a few new updates in the tech industry. Also, we expect more to come as time goes on. With these technologies, we get a better way of life, and they help improve different industries. So, here are five new updates and trends in the tech industry.



Metaverse is currently among the hottest buzzwords. It is a virtual world built by mixing various technologies, including augmented and virtual reality. Although it is not a physical place and doesn’t technically exist yet, the aim is to build a place where people can work, meet, play, shop, and study. 


It is predicted that it will be the next internet evolution and blur the digital and physical lines. Think of it as the in-game purchasing that gives computer gamers the chance to buy virtual services and goods with real money. Interestingly, you can even get jobs in the metaverse as a personalized avatar creator and many others. 

3D-Printed Houses


Another massive technological trend we are looking forward to is the 3D-printed houses tech, where the 3D printer is fed materials such as sand, concrete, and plastics to print homes. It is seen as a low-cost and relatively simple construction method. However, the lack of infrastructure and logistics has hindered its use in remote and emerging regions.


WASP is one of the leading 3D printing companies that has shown how to print housing components with local materials such as clay and other materials. We see that there is potential with this technology.

Self-Fertilizing Crops


Fertilizers with about 110 million tonnes of nitrogen are used for global crop production each year. It accounts for 1% to 2% of the world’s carbon emissions. If we are to help the environment, we need to reduce carbon emissions, by all means, necessary, and one of the best ways to go is by self-fertilizing crops.


Plants like soy and beans have peas and lentils that have a way to produce their nitrogen, helping to reduce the global CO2 emissions. With that, scientists are looking for ways to make other crops follow this principle and self-fertilize. 



The global crash of the financial system in 2008 propelled a need for a different kind of system, eventually bringing about Bitcoin, leading to the birth of cryptocurrencies. Since the introduction of Bitcoin, we’ve had many cryptocurrencies, and they each act as digital currencies and have additional values.


With cryptocurrencies continuously gaining traction, the traditional system’s position is threatened. And even though cryptocurrencies have not become globally accepted, it has shown that it is possible to make payments, buy, and sell without the need for a centralized financial system. Cryptocurrencies have proven to be more reliable than fiat currencies. 

Low-Carbon Shipping


Global warming is becoming a big deal, and scientists have been looking for ways to reduce global emissions. One contributor to CO2 emissions globally is bulk shipping, with only 2% or less of road transport fleets producing zero emissions. One solution to that is low-carbon shipping. 


With low-carbon shipping, we can reduce the emission from rail, sea, and land-borne emissions and move towards achieving zero emissions. Although it will take a long time to complete, the development of alternative shipping fuels such as green ammonia shows that it is possible to produce carbon-free gas through renewable energy.  

Bottom Line


Technology is a great part of our lives. With innovative ideas, we have achieved more with less, and we can always enjoy our lives better. Undoubtedly, there are a few issues with different technologies. However, the good outweighs the bad, making them better than nothing. As a result, we look forward to more advancement in the tech industry.


You might have heard of or used any of this technology. You can always keep researching to learn more and find out what’s to come later in the year.

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