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Fixing the Issue of Blank Pages Print Out When Printing With Canon Printer: USB Cable For Printer Canon Error

A typical problem encountered by many Canon printer users is that it prints out blank sheets as it is. Such a situation may propose the problem when one needs urgent printing of a document and is left with no other option.

Still, the printer device is unable to function normally, creating confusion and worry in the user’s mind. This functional impairment of canon printers may occur due to multiple reasons.


Inexperienced user/ user inattention


Before formal investigation to find out the reason for canon printing blank pages, one should print the blank test page without a PC. For this purpose, different device models have other processes: launch a special button that one needs to press upon and hold for a bit of time, or a combination of keys, select the service menu of the device, etc. It is of prime importance if one follows the instructions that come in the information booklet or user guide accompanying the printer device or the device underuse and attentively reads it.

So when one learns how to print a test page, starts the process, and finds out that the paper sheet is not coming out as entirely blank but with some text. It means an issue with the paint in the ink tank and not with the device itself. The cause for this may include short interaction of the device with Pc or maybe the user’s inattention to address a basic necessity vital for a printer to perform its function efficiently.

Poor connection

Fixing the Issue of Blank Pages

When it comes to the cleaning process of the printer, one may connect the USB cable to connect the PC to the printer device and break the connector. You must insert and move the cable plug, ensuring proper insertion into the socket.


It is suggestive not to use different extension cables because the resulting electromagnetic interference may pose troubles with the device’s functioning. Moreover, it is not recommended to use different extension cables, as electromagnetic interference may cause problems with the operation of the device. Moreover, ferrite filters should be present in an excellent cable to neutralize or prevent interference.


Protective film

Fixing the Issue of Blank Pages

If one uses a new cartridge or refill a cartridge from a specialized service center for this purpose, a protective layer will be adhered to, which will protect from drying out or ink leakage. If this thin layer or film is not removed, the device will not “see” the ink tank, or the paint or ink will not flow on the printhead or be sprayed from the PG nozzle itself. The problem is resolved by properly peeling the sticker from the chips, nozzles(if located in the cartridge)/ a hole in the ink tank in which the SG pipe is inserted( if located in the carriage.


Inappropriate paper size

Fixing the Issue of Blank Pages

It is the main point to check which paper size is the default in the printer settings. If the device’s tray contains papers or a paper with a size different than that defined in the device settings, the printer may output the blank sheets.

  • Go to the “Control Panel” option in PC;
  • Select the “Devices and Printers” options.
  • Select the device (if there are variations in the system) that is not working correctly and right-click with the mouse on it.
  • Choose “Print settings” or “Properties” or “Printer settings” in the menu (depending on the model of the machine and the operating system used);
  • Print settings
  • A window appears to select the default paper size most appropriate to the printer’s tray.
  • Without quitting the device properties menu, go to the “General” tab to test printing. Print a test page by clicking on the “Print a Test page” option


Operating Software crashes

Fixing the Issue of Blank Pages

Another probable reason for blank sheets coming out from canon printers is when the desired document or text is poorly executed in the graphic or text editor. A window appears to see all the pages prepared to be printed. If blank pages, i.e., without any text or required pattern or border, are found, delete them.

Print file corruption

When one sends a document to get printed, the operating system creates a particular file containing information about the queue. Occasionally, this file gets damaged due to software failure, and the device’s proper functioning is affected. For this problem, one needs to clear the queue first.

  • Go to “Control Panel”
  • Choose the “Devices and Printers” option
  • Right-click on the desired device.
  • Select the line “View Print Queue
  • A window pops up where you need to delete all rows.

Clear Queue

Fixing the Issue of Blank Pages

Mostly, the queue gets cleared easily, but if that doesn’t happen or is not possible, you need to stop the Print Spooler service.

  • Right-click on the “My Computer” icon, for instance, in Explorer;
  • Select “Management”; in Management
  • Find “Services and applications” on the left bar and double-click on it with the left mouse button (LMB);
  • Select “Services” and in the right-hand side part of the window find “Print Spooler”;
  • After right-clicking on this line, the menu appears. Select “Stop” in there
  • Print spooler
  • Enter the given code without quotes in the explorer address bar “C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS”, then delete all files in the folder.
  • Go back to “Services,” and select “Print Manager,” click on “Start.”

Consequently, all errors associated with the queue will be eliminated.


Fixing the Issue of Blank Pages

The basic function of a printer is to print the desired document, but if it keeps on printing out blank pages without the required text, it would be of no use. So to fix this issue, one needs to dive deeper to look for the reasons for this malfunctioning of the printer. Some of the reasons may include inappropriate page size, empty ink bottles, system crashes, device malfunctioning, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: What are some possible reasons for a canon printer printing blank pages?

Ans: There can be many reasons such as inappropriate page size, empty ink bottle, clogged nozzles, system crash, device malfunctioning.


Q2: Can I consider that my printer is broken because it is printing out blank sheets?

Ans: No, the printing out of a blank page indicates the sign that the printer is not broken, but there is some issue with the device’s settings, ink bottle, printing nozzle, etc.


Q3: I brought my printer back from the printer refilling service center, but it’s printing out only the blank sheets. What is the possible reason?

Ans: They may have put a protective film over the filled ink cartridge to prevent leakage or drying out of ink. No need to worry about that. You just need to peel it off, and hopefully, it will resolve the problem.


Q4: I inserted a new ink cartridge, but the printer printed out only the blank sheets. What is the reason behind this?

Ans: the new cartridge comes with a protective film on them that needs to be removed before employing the printer. You might have skipped this peeling-off setup.


Q5: I did peel off the protective film before inserting the cartridge, and the connection is also proper, but the printer is still printing out blank sheets of paper?

Ans: You may need to see a person who is an expert in resolving printer issues as there may be an issue with the settings of your device or software crashes.


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