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Review: The new fortitude of the nightborne armor set

If you want a set of Nightborne armor that will draw attention, the Fortitude of the Nightborne Armor Set is a great option. For its quality, this armor set is really affordable, and the numerous extras make it well worth the purchase. In this blog, we shall learn everything there is to know about the durability of the new Nightborne armor.

You can obtain the fortitude of the new Nightborne armor set in World of Warcraft. It is the third set of armor to be revealed for the race known as the Nightborne, and it aids in damage and energy restoration. The set was made available as part of “The Nighthold” patch 7.3.5 on November 15, 2017.

How do I Get the Nightborne Armor Set’s fortitude?

There are three distinct methods to obtain the fortitude of the new Nightborne Armor Set. Purchasing the set from a store in the game is the first option. The second method is to obtain it as a quest reward. The final option is to create it yourself.

The Fortitude of the Night Borne Armor Set: How is it used?

This is your chance to finally own the new Nightborne Armor Set if you’ve been yearning to! Both Horde and Alliance players can use the full set of garments, shoes, and helmets included with the armor set.

What is the Nightborne Armor Set’s Fortitude?

Attribute Value
Armor Type Plate
Armor Slot Full Set
Material Nightborne Alloy
Weight 60 pounds (approx.)
Durability 600/600
Physical 35%
Magical 25%
Fire 20%
Frost 15%
Lightning 10%
Set Bonuses
2-Piece Bonus +15% Max Health
4-Piece Bonus +10% Damage Reduction
6-Piece Bonus +20% Magic Resistance
Special Ability Nightfall Cloak: Grants invisibility for 15 seconds once per hour.
Weight Class Heavy Armor
Required Level 70
Rarity Legendary

Here’s how to use these items:

  • Alliance players will receive a basecoat, shirt, leggings, and boots as part of their outfit. To utilize this set, put it on and select “Use as a Battle Pet.” As a result, the items on your pet will appear under the pet tab.
  • Horde players’ outfit consists of a basecoat, shirt, pants, and boots. To utilize this set, you must turn it on and select “Use as Warlord’s Argus.” This will cause the Warlord’s Argus window to display the things that are on your character.
  • To use it, equip this item and select “Use as Headgear.” This will equip the helmet and make it available in your headgear slot.

The Fortitude of the nightborne armor set has six effects

“Fortitude of the new nightborne armor,” one of the six effects in the set, has six distinct effects.

  • The first effect, “fortitude,” will increase your stamina by 10%. The effects persist for fifteen minutes.
  • Another option is Swiftness, which stacks with the fortitude effect and lasts for 30 seconds.
  • You will be able to move 20% faster as a result, which is equivalent to 30% faster.
  • This implies that your overall benefit would be 5 + 0 = 5% if you were to receive a 5% quicker movement speed from additional sources. (like Azerite traits or skills, for example).
  • Another characteristic of this set is regeneration. The armor has the benefit of reducing incoming damage by 3%.

The new Nightborne armor’s strength and resilience are also well-liked. The player appears distinctive in this set. Completing the Fortitude quest is the only way to obtain it in Antorus: The Burning Throne. You will require an Essence of Night in order to obtain the Fortitude set. Argus and the emissary caches contain the essence of night. You must be at least level 110 in order to wear this item.

A set of armor called Fortitude of the Nightborne enhances a wearer’s strength, durability, and intelligence. Additionally, the wearer of this gear has the ability to defend against three opponents within eight yards. Additionally, you take 30% less damage when three foes are in close proximity.

Additionally, the new nightborne armor’s fortitude offers a fantastic benefit that increases your health by 5%. This is really helpful when taking on strong opponents. This is the armor that strong people should wear if they wish to stay healthy. It expedites the recovery of your mana and stamina. The best armor available to night elves is this one. It may only be utilized once a player completes every mission in The Nightfallen and becomes level 110. It also provides a number of advantages, like increased health at maximum level and a reduction in ability cooldowns.

The Fortitude of the Nightborne Armor Set is essential

Given that it provides players with increased protection and resistance, the Fortitude of the Nightborne Armor Set is an essential piece of equipment. Because of their distinct abilities and appearance, nightborne characters are frequently targeted by foes and hence warranted this armor set. For nightborne characters who depend on magic to survive, the group’s protection against all types of damage is very useful.

You can obtain the Fortitude of the Nightborne Armor Set, a minigame armor set, as a prize from the recently launched Spring Festival event. In the background, there is a full set of armor with a shield.

The armor set’s stats are as follows:

  • Guard: 252 Guard Rating
  • Shield: 128 Score for Shield

Both the new nightborne armor rating and the shield rating of the Night-borne Armor Set have extremely high fortitude ratings.


The new armor set, Fortitude of the Night-Borne, is now available to Ninja Minions. With so many amazing components in this armor set, your minions will be even more formidable in combat. To outfit your army of minions in style, the armor set includes a helmet, chest plate, leggings, and boots. See just how powerful your minions may be by checking out the strength of the recently released Nightborne armor set.

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