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Four main characters in Grand Theft Auto 6?

Everyone has been looking forward to Grand Theft Auto 6. Still, there is no sign of a real game. This gets the rumour mill and fans of Rockstar games talking and buzzing, which leads to speculation. Fans spend their time in Los Santos doing things like heists, Casino Days, and causing chaos, but now they really want to check out the new city and see what the new Rockstar game has to offer.

The last Grand Theft Auto game

Rockstar has never gone as long as a year without making a new GTA game. GTA V came out in 2013, and it was the first GTA game to be available on three different consoles. People who play video games joke all the time that they will never see GTA VI in their lives.

The leaks, however, make fans think that things are starting to come together in the Rockstar studios.

In GTA V, you could play as one of three main characters. Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, who is always a favourite.

The idea of four main characters

This version of GTA is expected to be bigger than anything that has come before it. Rockstar is working on making Red Dead Redemption 2 bigger and better, which has slowed down work on GTA VI. However, some people think this is because GTA VI will be so big that they need more time.

One of these could be adding another playable main character, which would make the game even more groundbreaking.

It would be a big change to the way games are played and would get everyone’s attention. But, as is often the case in the gaming world, there are a lot of things said about the game that just don’t happen.

So, is there another way that Rockstar could go?

Since the game map is likely to be the biggest that Rockstar has ever made, it might be too much to programme four main characters. There have also been rumours that the game could be played by two people and include references to Bonnie and Clyde.

Having a woman as a playable character would be interesting and smart on Rockstar’s part, since this would be the first time in the game that a woman was shown. Women in the game are often beaten, used as sex workers, or easily stolen from, so making a woman a playable character would be a great next step, similar to how EA added more women’s teams to FIFA.

When will GTA come out?

Fans will have to wait even longer, it seems, to find out if the rumours are true. A new GTA might not come out until 2023. But even though GTA V will be 10 years old this year, Rockstar still wants to get this game right, especially since there was a delay.

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