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Free Movies Streaming Websites Alternate to 1movies Site!

1movies is the familiar website where you can watch movies and tv shows free of cost. However, to find out the best streaming website is difficult, but people always love to watch live streaming movies for a better watching experience.

Some people wait for the best site to download movies, and some have no patience to download the movies. Do you like online movies and tv shows in one place? If yes! You are at the right place where you can find your favourite place to watch online streaming.

Therefore we made a list of free movie streaming websites alternate to 1movies. All these websites are providing free streaming services in HD quality.

1movies website is ad-free experience and provides you latest and old movies and tv shows. It is the legal website which provides streaming services, but it has been blocked in many countries.

The site gives you the option either you want to create the account or not. Moreover, the best thing is that you can connect with your phones and laptops. Here you can find the alternate websites which work best just like 1movies.


Tubi covers all different genres in which new and old movies and tv shows are included. This platform is the best alternative to 1movies, but here you can’t find new releases. However, on Tubi tv, you can watch tv shows or movies of the last twenty years.

In most famous tv shows and movies, Black Hawk Down, The Founder, Steven Soderbergh, Mutant Ninja Turtles and Annabelle are included. You can buy a membership after the trial of 30 days.

What We Like

  • Easy to Acess
  • Multiple Types of Movies
  • Subtitles available

What we Don’t Like

  • Ads show while watching movies
  • You can’t comment for recommendations

    Free Movies Streaming Websites


Fmovies is another best movie streaming website, just like 1movies. It features HD quality tv shows and moves as you can search the stuff by genres, year, names and latest releases.

The standard services of the Fmovies are worthwhile as many ads appear on it. Well, you can use adblockers and enjoy the best experience. Here you can watch movies free of cost, just like 1movies. It is easy and updates interface.
What we like

  •  HD quality
  • easy to use
  • Updated content

What we Don’t like

  • Ads irritate
  • Need a high-quality internet connection

Pluto TV

Here is the best alternative 1movies website, Pluto TV where streaming movies are available on demand. You can watch online movies and tv shows after uploading the content.

Moreover, the live option is also available through the mobile app as well as downloading option works perfectly. Pluto TV is compatible with all devices and apps such as iOS and Android app.

Find multiple categories here such as horror, action, adventure, fantasy, short films, documentary, comedy, drama as well as some live tv shows are also available on demand. Moreover, you can watch live sports, news and music.
What we Like

  • Movies are available on demand
  • can find movies and tv shows
  • live streaming of sports also available

What we don’t like

  • Few channels support the site
  • On-demand, streaming is available one time


HD online is just like 1movies and one of the famous sites where 1000 of different movies and shows available free of cost. As the name shows, this site gives you HD content. On this site, you can watch and download the content at free of cost.

The location also updated many times and no signup required for this. It has a smooth and adorable interface. You can find the newest and old tv shows and movies with subtitles.

What we Like

  • no sign up required
  • 1000 different movies and tv shows
  • Easy to use
  • smooth interface

What we don’t like

  • Offline downloads are unavailable


Several categories are available where you can watch movies free of charge. This website is the best place to observe online movies to stream.

You can find out the movies by genres, years, etc. All kinds of categories are available such as Tv Movies, Classical, Family, Animation, Western and Suspense.

In the newly added movies, The human factor, The Losers, In the dark and many more are included.

What we Like

  • Easy access
  • can be categorized by genre
  • Updates material

What We Don’t Like

  • Links are not working properly
  • Long ads

    Free Movies Streaming Websites


Movieflix is best-streaming website alternative to 1movies. Here high quality and free of cost content are available. It provides full length and classic movies in high-quality resolution.

It is the simplest and fastest streaming site. Moreover, fewer ads are shown on this website that makes it better among others

What We Like

  • Free of charge content
  • HD quality videos
    less ds show

What we Don’t like

  • No option for the title
  • quality could be decreased or increased


Youtube is the best option to alternate 1movies where you can find all the old or new movies, tv shows, trailers and documentaries. Most of the movies are available free of charge which you can search in the youtube search bar.

Youtube always provides videos in HD quality. So ready for this platform and enjoy your favourite tv shows and movies.
What We Like

  • Free movies and tv shows
  • ranked general views

What We Don’t Like

  • Some movies are not free
  • Sometimes movies or videos download without notification


Retrovision offers plenty of good movies such as comedy, crime, western, horror, fantasy and many more. All the movies are available at free of cost. Mostly classic shows are shown on retrovision which you also search on 1movies websites.

In these popular shows, Allen, Dick Van Dyke, Burns, One Step Beyond and some others are included. You are at the right place if oy want to watch all the latest and old tv shows.

What We Like

  • Wide variety of tv shows
  • Variety of genres

What We Don’t Like

  • Some movies are in parts
  • Subtitles are not available

the URL of this website offers free online movies similar to 1movies. The website provides different genres such as comedy, romance, thriller, action, fantasy, documentaries, etc.

On this site there are many famous movies which have the best rating ever and people love to watch again and again.
What We Like

  • multiple genres
  • No ads

What We Don’t Like

  • Some movies have low quality
  • Some links have been deleted

    Free Movies Streaming Websites


IMDb is a very famous website where a comprehensive database of movies and trailers available. Here you can get hottest, top-rated, originals and multiple genres movies.

Moreover, here you can activate subtitles and change the video quality and enter the screen mode. Besides some movies, samples could also be seen here such as Little Giants, Trouble with the Curve and many more.

What We Like

  • Free streaming movies and tv shows
  • availability of original videos

What we Don’t like

  • Sign in of the site is necessary
  • Some Ads show in long videos


Now I think you are well familiar with the 1movies website and its alternatives. As you know, the 1movies site has been blocked in some countries, but you can use some proxy sites to get the services.

Proxy sites can damage your devices; therefore, we collected data on websites which are just like 1movies. You can try these websites in the replacement of 1movies and enjoy your favourite tv shows and movies.

Convey your thoughts in the comment section or via email. Moreover, you can also share information regarding the 1 movies.

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