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How Chet Sandhu Rose to Top of Europe’s Hardest Prisons!

A notorious drugs king has revealed how he dominated one of the world’s most notorious incarcerations after smuggling the largest haul of black request steroids in the history of Spanish.

Sandhu got arrested at gunpoint in Alicante Airport from Hartlepool by Spanish police in November 1999.

His real name is Gurchettan Sandhu. He manipulated the steroid-smuggling operation with a request value of further than half a million bones.

Chet chronicles his life in a new book and time inside the notorious Spanish captivity Fontcalent, celebrated for its harsh conditions and high-profile convicts.

Chet Sandhu is pictured then holding two baby caimans while on vacation in Thailand.

Moreover, Chet, pictured then with his ‘Tone made knuckle tattoos, has told his story in a new book.

Images of King of Karachi to Lockdown in the Costa del Crime Meet the International Smuggler Who Dominated Europe’s Worst Captivity’ show Chet posing with a rifle at a firing range. And he is holding two caimans as he relaxes somewhere in a club.

However, in another shot from the book, a police substantiation charger full of sequestered drugs can be seen in a slice from a Spanish review.

Chet has found partying with several different girls.

When he was transferred to Fontcalent, confined with manslayers, rapers, and terrorists, he began to climb to the top of the captivity’s scale.

‘This is a story I noway wanted to write down,’ he says in the book.

‘It started from dispatches between musketeers and me on my Facebook runner. As effects turned out, they liked my stories. Moreover, they supported me in writing more. Therefore, I did so as well.

‘This book will defend some people, those I know and others whom I’ve no way met.

‘I’m not bothered. It is my story, and if anyone has a problem with it, they should come and see me. I’m not hard to find. ‘

A Spanish review story shows some of the medicines sequestered following Chet’s arrest.

Chet rose through the species at the notorious Spanish captivity Fontcalent ( pictured).

Seen then enjoying a voyage in Thailand, Chet says he rose to the top of the scale in the captivity.

The medicines headman is pictured then looking out to the ocean after his release in Palma.

Chet, pictured right, with his other friend Aman while illustrating in Tenerife.

.Gurchettan Sandhu – or Che – was doomed to 11 times in captivity in two countries for medicines offenses.

The father-of-four worked as a gatekeeper at Newcastle clubs and cafés but said he began using steroids at this time, and it went pear-shaped from there.

He served two-and-a-half years in a Spanish jail from a four-and-a-half-year judgment handed down for trafficking-specific drugs into the country from India and Pakistan.

Furthermore, he was also caught with a quarter of a kilogram of cocaine in Newcastle.  He was jugged for six-and-a-half times for conspiracy to supply a class A medicine.

He served in HMPs Durham and Wealdstone, in Yorkshire, before being released in 2007.

During his captivity, he cut up his bedsheets and used them as oils, using art as the way out.

The story details how Chet, a former café gatekeeper, was suitable to establish a drugs route from the capital of the world in Karachi by setting an original alias, Jet Khan.

He consorted with hookers, forged alliances with loose police and field officers, and signed British excursionists as drugs mules.

However, he was only caught after he was betrayed by one of his associates.

While behind bars, Chet took part in cutter fights and rose to get the head of a loan wolf ring.

He also defended vulnerable captures and was involved in a successful captivity escape.

He entwined into a downward slide of medicine dependence before turning to trimming and winning an unofficial intern-wing toning event.

Chet was a café gatekeeper in the north of England. He was suitable for establishing an original alias to establish a drugs route from the steroid capital of the world in Karachi, Pakistan.

. While behind bars, Chet took part in cutter fights and rose to get the head of a lone wolf ring. He’s pictured in Spain after release.

‘You may need to know that as you read these runners, you’re not going to learn about how I lived one of the most severe incarcerations on the earth,’ said Chet.

Rather, you’ll know how I came to dominate the hole I was thrown into it.

‘When I was in jail, everyone left me. I know the people I asked for help were allowing do not to involve me in this.

‘He meets the International Smuggler Crime Who Media Drum World publishes dominated Europe’s Worst Captivity.

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