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How to Change Your Age on TikTOk

As we all know, TikTok is a social media app used for video-sharing abilities worldwide.
However, age comes the issue because of some inappropriate content.

Children are supposed to be protected from sensitive content like violence, nudity, and heavy language. But, the ideas for all are the same because when you open the account, it gives you suggestions of what you can watch.

Now, this social media platform is putting stringent measures on its age-changing policies.

Is it possible or Not?

Tiktok provides you a chance to edit your name, username, and bio with age details.
There is no way to change the age on Tiktok once you enter the incorrect age details mistakenly.

Well, on this age details issue, the first option is to open a new account. It will make everything seamless and hassles like not being able to go live.

Here are some simple steps to sign up on Tiktok

  1. Log out of the current account and click on the Me button to open the profile.
  2. Three vertical dots display the settings and privacy screen.
  3. Scroll down the last option that is to log out. Once you have done this successfully, it will be redirected to the home screen of the app.
  4. Agin clicks on the Me button and sees a red sign-up button.
  5. After doing this, you choose an option that will be displayed as a sign-up button.
  6. After that, they ask about your birthday detail. Therefore, to avoid the previous mistakes, start changing your year of birth by scrolling up on the year section.
  7. Now you can change the date and month and proceed with other options.

What About my other account

Now, if you want to get back to the underage account, you can go back to the account and download the Tiktok videos you made after that re-uploaded the stuff on the new account.

Moreover, you can also make a video on your old, underage account to direct your reviews to the new account. And at the end, post the username of the new account on the caption of the video.

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