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How to Make Mac Dark Mode? 4 Best Tips to Fix It

Using the dark mode, the display and appearance of the device are turned dark, which is considered to be a battery saver and a comforting feature for the eyes. In the Safari browser, you can enable dark mode from the Display Appearance settings on both Macs and iPhones/iPads. If you prefer, the Dark Reader feature can reduce the brightness of the display so that it is more eye-friendly.

According to Apple’s official statement, Macs running Mac OS Mojave or later have the option of using Pure Dark mode. As the time of day changes, macOS Catalina or the latest MacOS automatically switches between light and dark themes. 

The dark mode is supported by the following applications: News App, Stocks App, Xcode, Notes App, Mail App, Safari, Mac App Store, Messages, and All Other Apps. By utilizing this feature, unusual combinations will be created with other primary colors. 

iMac and MacBook with large screens have more visible Mac Docks. The ability to use a dark mode will also be available in a short period of time for third-party applications.

We also discussed some interesting facts related to Dark mode, including why you failed to use it on your Mac. To fix Dark Mode not working on Mac, follow the instructions in the guide. On macOS Safari, dark auto mode is now available. Although MacOS Catalina and subsequent versions of MacOS support system-wide auto-dark mode.

How to fix Dark Mode not working on Mac, iMac, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air

Solution 1: Activate or turn on Dark mode on your Mac correctly

On MacOS Ventura or Later

  • Go to the Apple Logo from the top menu and select System Settings
  • Select Appearance > Auto Option to automatically enable Dark mode from Sunrise to Sunset and Sunset to Sunrise
  • Through a WiFi connection or Location Based macOS Service, your Mac’s appearance will change according to your location time zone
  • To make your Mac appear in dark mode, select Dark
  • Ensure that Location Service is enabled. You can enable location services by selecting the Apple Logo > Privacy & Security > Location Services > Enable Toggle
  • It’s that simple.

Using the rest of the toggle, you can manage the location service associated with each app. Further, under the Details tab, ensure that Time zone and system customization-based location services are enabled. There you have it.

On MacOS Monterey & Earlier

  • On Mac, click the Apple logo in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the System Preferences button next.
  • Select General from the System Preferences menu.
  • In the Appearance section, click on Dark mode or Auto Dark mode.
  • The Light theme is forced to be enabled for all time on the Mac.
  • Dark: Enable the dark theme on Mac permanently.
  • Auto: Switches between a light and dark theme according to the time of day.

Solution 2: Force your Mac to restart

  • Check for updates or enable automatic software updates
  • In the case of an internal software glitch or a corrupted operating system, you can re-fix it yourself. Your Mac OS has been damaged due to any reason, such as removing or deleting root files and folders from the system drive. You may experience Mac System Errors when using Third-Party Software or Optimisation tools.
  • Install a new macOS version by going to the Apple Menu > Software Update > Check for Updates.

How to Make Mac Dark Mode

Solution 3: Hard Reboot OR Reinstall macOS

Some macOS users have reported that certain applications cause issues when running in Dark Mode. 

Due to the fact that this cleaning of the file system removes the files associated with Dark mode. Following the removal of this software from your Mac, Dark mode is functioning as expected. In the event that it does not work and none of the recovery or repair techniques work on Mac, I would recommend reinstalling the operating system. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to reinstall macOS.

  • Restart your Mac. Restart your computer by selecting the Apple logo from the top menu bar.
  • The next step is to hold the Command + R key for a Mac with an Intel processor until you hear the Mac Startup sound. If you see the macOS Utility window on the screen, hold those keys. If you are using an Apple Silicon Mac, hold down the Power button until the screen appears
  • In the second option, you have the option of reinstalling macOS. In order to install the latest version of macOS on your Mac, follow the instructions on the screen.
  • By re-installing macOS, you do not have to erase your hard drive

By using this solution, you can resolve other software issues and resolve buggy Mac OS issues.

Solution 4: Restart also works! OR Force Restart!

  • Most of the time, rebooting the Apple device resolves the issue. In this way, the issue between your hardware and macOS software is resolved.
  • Restart or shut down your computer by selecting the Apple Menu > Restart or Shut Down.
  • By pressing the Power key, you can force restart your Mac. When you see a black screen and the Apple logo on the screen, hold down the Power button.

How to Make Mac Dark Mode on iPhone?

As part of this system-wide dark mode support, the Safari browser skin is also darkened. Whenever you browse through a website that supports the night mode, the skin will automatically change to the night mode.

Following are the steps to enable the dark appearance of the system on the iPhone and iPad:

  • On the iPhone or iPad, open the Apple Settings app.
  • Open the Display & Brightness menu by scrolling down.
  • Ensure that the Dark option is selected under the Appearance section.

By doing this, you will be able to view the entire Apple iOS skin in dim mode. Furthermore, this setting will change the Safari browser app on the iPhone and enable dark mode.

Bottom Line

By enabling dark mode, you will be able to enjoy your nighttime browsing much more effectively without straining your delicate eyes. The dark mode may prove to be a blessing if you are especially fond of watching memes or reading novels at night.

As a matter of fact, you should always use dark mode in the Safari browser when you are using the internet in a dark room or at night, as such habits will help protect your eyes from the harmful effects of modern screens.

Using this method, Mac computers, iPhones and iPads can enable the dark appearance or night mode in the Safari browser.

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