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How Can I Save An Instagram Voice Message In an iPhone

Have you ever heard about saving voice messages to Instagram? In this article, we will learn how to download Instagram voice messages on iPhone. We send or receive voice messages on Instagram, but there is no way we can download Instagram audio messages.

These can be downloaded by using the following methods. By this method, voice messages will be directly saved in your phone gallery.

  1. Open Instagram on your iPhone and click on the message button at the right top corner. all the personal messages will be open here.
  2. Just open the messages that you want.
  3. Side your finger down from the top right corner to open the control center.
  4. After it, tap the record icon and start capturing video and audio of everything on your screen.
  5. If there is no circular record icon, then add it to your control center.
  6. Side the screen back up just by putting your finger at the bottom of the black line. Now
  7. just slide upwards to close the control center and go back to Instagram.
  8. Now you can record by just pressing the play button on the Instagram audio note.
  9. Now open the control center by dragging the screen down from the top right corner of the phone.
  10. Click the record button to stop the recording.
  11. Open the photos app and find the YouTuber videos that you have just recorded.
  12. Now open it and tap the video file you created.
  13. In the upper right corner, press edit so that we can trim the clip to the length we need.
  14. Just get rid of the beginning and the end leaving only for the audio.
  15. Move the beginning and end of the video to where you want it.
  16. Drag the yellow markers to the desired location at each end.
  17. Now tap the done button at the bottom of the clip, where you have the length you want.

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