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How to Set Alarm for 12 PM on the Windows and Mac Book?

Welcome to the world of waking up in style! Setting the alarm for 12 PM on a Windows or Mac Book is more than just functional; it is a chance to inspire your mornings with creativity, personalization, and motivation.

In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to customize your alarms on both devices, ensuring that your morning wake-up experience becomes an enjoyable experience.

Get ready to say goodbye to mundane beeps and embrace a morning routine that empowers and inspires you.

Imagine waking up to the soothing sounds of nature or the gentle melodies of your favorite song. By utilizing the power of technology, you can customize your alarm settings in accordance with your individual preferences and style.

The following steps will guide you step-by-step through the process of setting alarms on Windows and Mac Book, as well as providing you with additional tips and tricks for making your mornings truly exceptional.

So, get ready to embrace a new level of morning motivation by setting your Windows or Mac Book alarm for 12 PM!

How to Set Alarm on Computer?

Are you tired of fiddling with your phone’s alarm clock or relying on clunky, old-fashioned alarm clocks? Now that you are a Windows user, it is time to embrace the wonders of the Clock application.

By using this dedicated tool, you can effortlessly set alarms, manage your wake-up schedule, and bid farewell to your hectic morning routine.

But wait, there’s more! There is no need to worry about Mac users. Even though your Mac Book does not have a dedicated alarm application, the Calendar and Reminder apps will keep you on track.

Not only do these apps keep you organized, but they also serve as a valuable wake-up companion, delivering delightful alarms with audio reminders.

In addition, for the tech-savvy adventurers out there, why not check out the world of online alarms? With platforms such as vClock, you can set alarms online, ensuring that you do not lose track of time.

Be sure to adjust the power settings of your device to ensure that the alarm is played at the designated time, regardless of whether your computer decides to take a quick nap.

Thanks to these innovative alarms, you will be able to wake up on time, feeling energized and ready to make the most of the day. Say goodbye to the enslavement of oversleeping and welcome to a world where waking up is no longer an issue.

Whether you are a Windows enthusiast or a Mac enthusiast, now is the time to take control of your mornings, set your alarms, and embark on a new era of punctuality and productivity.

Set Alarm for 12 PM on the Windows:

There are several built-in options in Windows for setting alarms and reminders. The following steps will guide you through setting the alarm for 12 p.m:

How to Set Alarm for 12 PM on the Windows and Mac Book

Step 1: Launch the Alarms & Clock App

  • On your computer screen, click the Start button
  • Find and click on the “Alarms & Clock” app in the list of apps

Step 2: Create a New Alarm

  • Open the Alarms & Clock app and select the “Alarms” tab located at the top of the screen
  • To create a new alarm, click the “+” (plus) button

Step 3: Set the Alarm Time

  • A new window will appear, allowing you to customize your alarm settings
  • By using the drop-down menus for hours and minutes, adjust the time to 12:00 PM
  • Using the “Time format” option, you can choose another time format (such as 24-hour format)

Step 4: Choose Alarm Sound

  • The next step is to select a sound for your alarm
  • To view the available options, click on the “Sound” drop-down menu
  • Select a song from your personal music library or choose an alarm sound from a range of built-in sounds

Step 5: Customize Additional Alarm Settings (Optional)

  • Customize additional alarm settings if you want more personalization
  • By clicking on the “Snooze interval” drop-down menu, you can adjust the snooze duration
  • Additionally, you can add a label to your alarm by typing it into the text box provided. It can make it easier for you to identify the alarm

Step 6: Save and Activate the Alarm

  • Whenever you are satisfied with your alarm settings, click on the “Save” button
  • You are now set to receive an alarm at 12 p.m

Step 7: Managing Alarms

  • In the Alarms & Clock app, you can return to the “Alarms” tab to view and manage your alarms
  • Using this tool, you can view a list of all your alarms, enable or disable them, edit their settings, or delete them if necessary

Set Alarm for 12 PM on the Mac Book:

On your Mac Book, you can set the alarm for 12 PM by using either the Calendar or Reminder applications. The following steps will guide you through the process:

How to Set Alarm for 12 PM on the Windows and Mac Book

Step 1: Launch the Calendar or Reminder App

  • To access the Launchpad, click on the rocket ship icon in the Dock
  • Open the “Calendar” or “Reminder” app by searching for and clicking on it. Both apps can be used to set alarms

Step 2: Create a New Event

  • Click on the “+” (plus) button in the upper left corner of the Calendar app to create a new event
  • Create a new reminder by clicking the “+” (plus) button in the bottom left corner of the Reminder app

Step 3: Set the Event/Reminder Time

  • A new window will appear, allowing you to customize the event or reminder details.
  • Give the event or reminder a title (e.g., “12 PM Alarm”)
  • Ensure that the time is set to 12:00 PM by adjusting the minutes and hours accordingly

Step 4: Choose Alarm Sound (Calendar App Only)

  • The Calendar app provides the option of setting an alarm sound for an event
  • Click on the “Alert” drop-down menu and select your preferred sound. To select an audio file, select “Custom…” or select a built-in sound

Step 5: Save the Event/Reminder

  • Once the event or reminder has been set up as you would like it, click on the “Save” button to save it.

Step 6: Managing Alarms

  • Using the Calendar or Reminder app, you can view and manage your alarms
  • Click on the “Day,” “Week,” or “Month” views to see your events in the Calendar app
  • Using the Reminder app, you can access your reminders from the left sidebar


Whether you are a Windows user or a Mac enthusiast, setting the alarm for 12 PM is easier than ever. On Windows, you can use the dedicated Clock app, while on Mac, you can use the Calendar or Reminder apps to customize your wake-up experience. These step-by-step guides have provided you with the knowledge to take charge of your alarms and enjoy waking up each morning.


Can I set multiple alarms on Windows or Mac Book?

Yes, both Windows and Mac Book allow you to set multiple alarms. You can create multiple alarms with different times, sounds, and settings to cater to your specific needs and schedule.

Can I customize the alarm sound on Windows and Mac Book?

Absolutely! Both Windows and Mac Book provide options to customize the alarm sound. You can choose from a range of built-in sounds or even select your favorite song from your personal music library to wake up to a tune that energizes you.

Can I snooze the alarms on Windows and Mac Book?

Yes, both Windows and Mac Book offer snooze functionality for alarms. You can set the snooze duration according to your preference, allowing you to catch a few extra minutes of rest before getting out of bed.

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