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How to set up so that 90% of your traffic is anonymous is a website that shows how strong your VPN was when you tried to hide your IP on your local network. uses your IP score to tell you if you are safe online or not. A safe IP score showed a green light, while an IP mask that wasn’t secure showed a yellow light.

If you know how to use but don’t know how to make things work right, I’ll show you how to set up your score so that you get at least a 90% green light.

First, set up and make sure you have a VPN that works. You need to get one if you don’t already have one. Free VPN, on the other hand, is not advised. With a free VPN, your IP score might not be correct, which can be dangerous for your masked IP and leave a trail of your IP address and location.

A bad IP score looks like the one below.


The Anonymity number puts my safety at risk, so the attempt to hide my IP address failed. So, with this whole score, my anonymity is not fully protected, and if I keep using the VPN to access a site that isn’t open to everyone, my real IP may be left behind.

If you can keep your VPN level at 90% anonymous, you are fully protected, and the anonymous security level will change and the anonymous failed sign will go away.

After using a VPN like Master VPN or another premium VPN of your choice, it’s easy to get at least 90% privacy. The goal of a VPN is to make you anonymous from 0% to at least 90% of the time. But even if you have the best VPN in the world, you may not be safe if your who is wrong and you haven’t taken the steps to fix it before you start surfing the web.

Don’t forget that my VPN is running as I write this article, which is why you can see my IP location and my IP anonymous score in the picture above.

1. Set your local time to the IP address of where you are.

If you want to stay anonymous online, a good place to start is with a virtual private network service. But you need to check your IP-score protection to find out if your online anonymity is fully safe. Whether or not it’s fully safe. At the same time, the VPN gives you the online privacy you asked for, but if your local time is different and your IP location is hidden, your anonymity will be even more at risk.

To do this, click on the sign that tells you why you’re not completely anonymous and find out why that’s the case even if you’re using a known VPN.

Scroll down the page to find the time zone and area. Then, change the time on your computer to match the time where you are, and your secret level will change right away.

As you can see, your amount of anonymity has changed, and you are now fully behind the scenes when you surf the web. Other things, like DNS, proxies, and other tools you use to stay anonymous, also affect how anonymous you are online. However, if you can set your system time to match your local time on the VPN, you will be at least 90% anonymous online.

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