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How to Unmute Someone on Instagram | Best 4 Best Ways

In the vibrant realm of social media, Instagram stands tall as a platform that connects millions of people worldwide. With its constantly evolving features, Instagram empowers users to curate their digital journeys. Among these features lies the ability to temporarily mute posts or stories from specific accounts, granting users control over their content consumption. 

How to Unmute Someone on Instagram | Best 4 Best Ways

However, there may come a time when you crave to reconnect with the muted voices and rediscover the stories they have to share. In this engaging and detailed article, we will delve into the best four ways to unmute someone on Instagram and rekindle the symphony of their digital narratives.

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How to Unmute Someone on Instagram?

Following are the ways you need to follow in order to unmute someone on Instagram:

Navigating the Settings Menu: Unleash the Hidden Harmonies

Embarking on the quest to unmute someone on Instagram begins with traversing the labyrinth of settings. Let’s embark on this journey step by step:


Step 1: Open the Instagram app and log into your account, welcoming yourself into the vivid world of visual storytelling


Step 2: Spot your profile icon nestled at the bottom right corner of the screen, eagerly waiting to be tapped.


Step 3: Behold the three horizontal lines resting at the top right corner; their enigmatic presence beckons you to uncover Instagram’s secrets. Tap them with curiosity.


Step 4: As you descend, a plethora of options reveals itself. Scroll with anticipation until you encounter the word “Settings.” It is the gateway to unveiling the hidden melodies. Tap it, and let the magic unfold.


Step 5: Within the mystical realm of settings, navigate your way to the land of “Privacy.” Tap it, savoring the anticipation of what lies ahead.


Step 6: Amongst the privacy settings, an ethereal chamber awaits—aptly named “Muted Accounts.” Enter this chamber, and a list of accounts previously muted greets your eyes.


Step 7: Patiently seek the desired account whose muted voice you long to restore. With a gentle tap, the account’s name transforms into a gateway to liberation. Tap it once more, and a harmonious option manifests itself: “Unmute.” Embrace it, for it shall free their posts, restoring the symphony to your feed.

Directly from Their Profile: The Melodic Reunion

Sometimes, the path to rediscovery lies in the most straightforward actions. To unmute someone directly from their profile, follow these steps:


Step 1: Engage in the Instagram pilgrimage by launching the app, resonating with its vibrant energy.


Step 2: Embark on a quest to find the account whose voice you yearn to hear once more. A simple search shall reveal their digital abode.


Step 3: Upon finding the desired account, tap their username, unlocking the gateway to their world of visual tales.


Step 4: Behold the pinnacle of connection—the “Following” button—poised at the top right corner of their profile. With a sacred touch, summon the dropdown menu.


Step 5: Delve into the heart of this menu, where the “Mute” option lies in wait. Tap it, and let it guide you to a realm of further choices.


Step 6: Within this new realm, a beacon of hope gleams—a solitary word that holds the promise of reconnection: “Unmute.” Tap it, and witness as their dormant posts reawaken, serenading your feed once more.

Muting Controls in Story Settings: The Art of Silent Whispers

Instagram’s story settings harbor the ability to unlock silent whispers and rediscover the tales that were momentarily hushed. To unmute someone through story settings, embrace the following steps:


Step 1: Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Instagram once again by launching the app and embracing its visual allure.


Step 2: Traverse to the story camera by swiping left from your feed or tapping on the camera icon at the top left corner. Allow the story canvas to unfurl before your eyes.


Step 3: Engage your creativity by capturing a photo or selecting an existing image that resonates with the tale you wish to tell.


Step 4: As you delve deeper into the realm of story creation, direct your attention to the bottom of the screen, where the sticker icon awaits your touch. Tap it, unveiling a treasure trove of expressive possibilities.


Step 5: Seek out the coveted “Mention” sticker option—a gateway to summon the account you seek to unmute. With purposeful intent, type their username as if invoking their name into the fabric of your story.


Step 6: Having summoned their presence, delicately place the mentioned sticker within your story, granting it a prominent position that resonates with your artistic vision.


Step 7: Witness the magic unfold as you tap on the mentioned sticker, unearthing an array of options. Among them lies the key to restoration: “Pin.” Embrace it, allowing their name to anchor itself to the core of your story, a subtle nod of recognition.


Step 8: As your story takes shape and nears completion, tap on the “Send To” button, revealing the final destination for your creation. Select “Your Story” as the vessel to carry forth your tale.


Step 9: With a sense of satisfaction, release your story into the digital realm, knowing that by tagging the muted account within it, their posts shall once again grace your feed, their voices echoing through the symphony of your Instagram journey.

Utilizing Third-Party Applications: Expanding the Harmony

Sometimes, the journey to unmute transcends the boundaries of native features. Third-party applications present an avenue for further exploration and a deeper understanding of your Instagram universe. Here’s how you can utilize these applications:


Step 1: Venture beyond the confines of Instagram, opening your mind to the possibilities offered by third-party applications. A myriad of options awaits, such as “unfollowers for Instagram,” “FollowMeter for Instagram,” or “Reports+ for Instagram.”


Step 2: Select an application that resonates with your quest for reconnection and delve into its interface, immersing yourself in its unique features and capabilities.


Step 3: Within the chosen application, navigate to the section that unravels the secrets of muting and unmuting accounts. Each application may have its own distinct path to discover.


Step 4: Follow the application’s intuitive instructions, gracefully dancing through the interface as you seek the account you long to unmute.


Step 5: Embrace the power bestowed upon you by the application, and with a touch of your finger, release the muted account from its temporary silence. Revel in anticipation of their revitalized presence gracing your Instagram experience once more.

How to Unmute Someone on Instagram


In the intricate tapestry of Instagram, the act of muting an account serves as a means to sculpt our digital encounters. However, the desire for reconnection can ignite a longing to restore the muted voices, reigniting the symphony of stories and experiences. 


By navigating the settings menu, engaging directly with profiles, harnessing the storytelling potential of story settings, or exploring third-party applications, we can unlock the silent stories and reignite the harmony within our Instagram feeds. Embrace these four ingenious ways to unmute someone and let their voices once again resonate in the tapestry of your digital narrative.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have muted someone on Instagram?

To check if you have muted someone on Instagram, follow these steps:

1) Open the Instagram app and log into your account.
2) Visit the profile of the person you suspect you have muted.
3) If you see the "Following" button, it means you have not muted them. If you see the "Follow" button, it indicates that you have muted their posts or stories.

Can a person I have muted on Instagram see that I have muted them?

No, when you mute someone on Instagram, they will not receive any notification or indication that you have muted them. Muting is a private setting that affects your own feed, allowing you to control the content you see without alerting the other person.

How long does muting someone on Instagram last?

When you mute someone on Instagram, it is a temporary action. The mute setting remains in effect until you manually choose to unmute the account. There is no automatic time limit or expiration for muting someone.

If I unmute someone on Instagram, will I see their previous posts and stories that were muted?

No, unmuting someone on Instagram will only restore their future posts and stories to your feed. The posts and stories that were previously muted will not be retroactively displayed. Unmuting someone enables you to see their new content moving forward.

Can I unmute someone on Instagram without following them?

Yes, you can unmute someone on Instagram without necessarily following them. Muting and following are separate actions, so you have the flexibility to control your feed without needing to follow every account you wish to unmute. Simply follow the steps mentioned in the previous sections to unmute someone, regardless of whether you are following them or not.

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