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How To Upload Music, Audio And PowerPoint To YouTube!

As all of you may know that YouTube is a wide platform where you can upload any video files with ease. But how to upload Music, Audio, and PowerPoint to YouTube needs a proper guide to follow. Therefore, here we will describe to you all and each step that is necessary to enable you to upload all the material on YouTube.

How to Upload PowerPoint Slides to YouTube

If you want to upload your PowerPoint slide show on the web. Here we will provide you with all the required knowledge that will enable you to how to upload PowerPoint to YouTube. Then follow the below guidelines.

  • Make a PowerPoint slide show first with an mp4 file format so that it can be a video to upload.
  • Just open the YouTube or type and make sure you are online on your account.
  • After launching YouTube select the option of upload and browse the file that you want to upload.
  • Select some tags if you want to add them to your video.
  • However, additional settings may contain several options like you want to publish your video as publically, private, or unlisted. Pick one option from all.
  • Then click on the publish option to upload that PowerPoint slide show on YouTube.

This simple guide will contain all points that are necessary to follow to upload PowerPoint to YouTube.

How to Upload Music to YouTube

YouTube provides multiple ways to upload advertising videos to groom your business or product. Although, YouTube accepts only mp4, not mp3 or any audio file. So many users will have to face several hitches and problems when they are trying to upload an mp3 file to YouTube. Therefore, to remove all hitches and glitches we will here describe to you how to upload music to YouTube with ease. Following the procedure below:

Step: 1 Install Video Converting Software

  • Download any video converter software like Windows Live Essentials installer.
  • Then run the file exe. to install the software.
  • Then pick the program that you want to install from the windows appeared.
  • After that select the “Install” option.

Step 2: Add The Music To A Video

  • Now select windows live movie maker to open the program. And pick the option of “Videos and Photos from Gallery” from the new window.
  • Now click on that image that you will add to the video as background.
  • Add an audio track by clicking on the mp3 dialog box.
  • Now double click on the music file to add it in the video.
  • Now press the “Project” key and select the “Fit to Music” option from below to set the length of the video according to the track.
  • Go to the Home tab and press the save movie option.
  • A new window will ask you about the file’s destination. Put the path and name to the video file and save it.

 Step 3: Upload the Music

  • Now go to YouTube and sign-in to your account.
  • Then select the file by click on “choose files from the gallery”.
  • Double click on the saved file to open it on YouTube.

By doing this, your music will upload to YouTube and you can play it. The still image is remain showing as background and music start playing now.

How To Upload Audio To YouTube

As all of you may know that working as a video hosting website YouTube did not allow you to upload MP3, WMA, AAC files. So if you required to upload audio on YouTube then you can add it only by making a simple video file. And edit the audio file to insert in the video file as background music.

For this, you should make a video that can support YouTube. As the YouTube accepting the file with format WMV, FLV, 3GP, Webcam, MOV, MP4, and AVI. Now we will tell you how to upload audio to YouTube.

  • Just launch the “Windows Live Movie Maker” and put an image that will set as background. The image should be artistic or other that you want to paste on your screen view.
  • Now select “Music” to put the track on the video from the option “Add music from PC’’.
  • Click on the add button and “Fit Music” to adjust the audio with movie length.
  • Select the movie resolution for your video.
  • Now log in to your account.
  • Now you should put some tag, movie name, and title for your video.
  • Wait a while to complete the process of uploading.

At last, here the whole guide with which you can upload any file to YouTube. So don’t get confused and just follow the simple step to complete the process.

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