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How to Upload Video Directly from iPhone to YouTube!

Here, everything will be explained carefully to know how to upload a video to YouTube from the iPhone. Because sometimes people do not want to save the video on their system/PC’s. Or some of them are unaware of how to edit a video.

Some may know how to edit but do not know how to upload it to YouTube. Well, there is no need to feel uneasy about it. As always, we will tell you how you can do all this with our helpful guide that will show you some easy points to follow.

There is no need for any app or program to upload a video. Just follow our method containing a few steps, and that’s all. Here is the simple and easy method through which you can upload videos directly from your iPhone.

Step 1

Just open the camera from the main menu of your iPhone. It is a camera roll through which you will capture your everyday clicks from your iPhone.

Step 2

Now pick the image gallery appears on the camera screen that contains recently captured images. This will open the photos gallery on your iPhone.

Step 3

You have select the video from the gallery of your iPhone that you will require to upload. And remember one thing that you can upload only one video at one time.

Step 4

Now click on the icon that will have the options to save or share the video. Then scroll down to search the icon of YouTube as you want to upload it on YouTube directly from your iPhone.

Step 5

The selection of the YouTube icon will ask you to sign in to your google account. If you are already signed in, then select sign in with google account. If not, then add the Address and password to sign-in.

Step 6

Now enter the required information on to the description box. Tag the desired one and then pick the thumbnail according to your own choice. And if you have filled all the boxes carefully, then click on “Publish” to upload.

Step 7

Here, you have to wait for a few minutes. As the process of publishing will take several minutes here. When the loading bar is filled with green color, then your video may be published successfully on your YouTube Channel.


This guide is the best information through which you will come to know how to publish videos on YouTube from the iPhone. This guide will be applicable to any iOS devices of any version. It is also best for android devices without any charge. A bundle of thanks for being connected with us. We hope this guide will upload your videos on YouTube without any problem. You don’t have to pay any charge against this upload.

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