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How You Can Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software? Complete Guide!

YouTube is one of the famous social media resources which has countless videos to download. You can search for any type of video on YouTube according to your own choice. And whenever, you will find some important video file on YouTube, then what you have to do to save it or download it on your gallery.

Moreover, you should need software or any other app to download the required video from YouTube. And viruses and ads make it worse to use. But here we will explain to you how to download YouTube videos without any software.

You simply have to follow a few steps to proceed.

Whenever you have to download the YouTube video files and want to save it on your android phone or PC. “Free YouTube Downloader” will allow you to save it for free. It is better than any other offline video downloader and compatibles to support any other device.

YouTube Free Downloader: Features

Here I will show you some amazing features that YouTube Free video downloader has:

  • This is not only to download video files from YouTube, but it can also download videos of Facebook, Vimeo, and others.
  • The main purpose to make you enable downloading all videos directly without installing any further software.
  • With a free YouTube downloader, you have secure files with no ads.
  • You can download any video of YouTube at any time without any sign-in requirements.
  • You can also transform any video without any additional charges.

How to Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software

Now here you will learn how to download YouTube videos without any software by using Free YouTube Downloader.

  1. Before making any download just search the required file by entering URL and any link copied from the YouTube. You will find the video files that you want to download.
  2. You have to play the video first before downloading it. Due to which you can enjoy the online play fun before making it available in off-line mode.
  3. When you click the download button then you have to choose the format in which you want to download your files like mp3, mp4, HD, and more. You can also download it by having Free YouTube Downloader on your android phone.
  4. Then click ok after selecting the file format and file will start to download into your device.

How to Download YouTube Videos to Computer

AnyUTube is another amazing free downloader to download YouTube videos without any charge on your computer. It can support Safari, Chrome, IE, Firefox, and other several browsers.

To download any video from YouTube, you just have to open the browser. And then open the AnyUTube site. And don’t worry about the compatibility issues for Windows.

Therefore, let’s the process started now.

Step 1: Search The File

  • Search the video file of YouTube that you want to download into your PC. Or you can paste it directly after copied it from YouTube. It has a powerful search engine that allows you to get instant access to your YouTube video file.

Step 2: Review The Video File

  • You can take a review of the searched file to make it confirm. When you will hit the play button the video file will start playing online. The built-in video player in your PC will help you to play this video online.

Step 3: Choose A File Format

  • The AnyUTube free downloader has several file formats for your selected file. Therefore, select the required file format to download it on the PC. You can choose any format as shown in the window like 3GP, MOV, Mp4, MP4 HD, and others. It also allows you to download the file in audio format like mp3, M4A, etc.

The process of download YouTube Videos without any software will require a few minutes to complete the download. And after some time, you will get the video into your device.

How Can I Download YouTube Videos on a Smartphone?

There are no further requirements are needed to download YouTube videos on your smartphone or any android phone. The same process will allow you to download the required video file on your phone.

  • First, enter the copied link of the required video file or search it in the bar to get the video.
  • Then click the play button to take a review of the searched file.
  • Then press the download button and select the file format in which you want to download the file whatever it is video or audio.
  • After selecting the format, the process will take a few whiles and the file will be downloaded on your phone.

Windows users will have to install iTunes first to download the files. And it will allow Mac users to open it directly from iTunes Media and the file will automatically be downloaded in the gallery.

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