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Kaylee Stoermer Coleman Bio and Net Worth

Kaylee Coleman Stoermer No one knows what their net worth is. Kaylee still has fun with her folks’ money. The net wealth of the Young Champ family is $300,000. Kaylee is 19 years old and was born in 2003. Kaylee, who is 5.3 feet tall, looks a lot like her sister, Zendaya. Kazembe Ajamu Coleman is the father of Kaylee. He is a director, bodyguard, and producer.
Zendaya, who is known for her role in Spider-Man, has a younger sister named Kaylee Stoermer Coleman. She is also her father Kazembe Ajamu Coleman and stepmother Claire Stoermer’s youngest daughter. Scroll all the way down to the end to find out more about Kaylee Stoermer Coleman.

Kaylee’s father is African-American and comes from Arkansas. Her mother’s family is from Germany and Scotland. Her famous sister Zendaya, whose full name is Zendaya Maree, Stoermer Coleman, is an American actress and singer.

Whether it’s a friendship or a family bond, being close to a celebrity does have its limits. Kaylee Stoermer Coleman became well-known because her sister, Zendaya, is a great performer. Zendaya’s successful work has earned her many compliments and awards, such as a Primetime Emmy Award, a Satellite Award, and a Saturn Award.

A lot of people think that Kaylee’s full name is Kaylee Stoermer Coleman, but they are wrong. Her real name, though, is not Stoermer. Claire, her ex-stepmother, is the owner of the title.

Kaylee is also the half-sister of Zendaya Maree Stoermer, an American actor and singer who is very well-known. Zendaya is known for her parts in movies and TV shows like Euphoria, The Greatest Showman, Shake It Up, and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Kaylee Coleman has five brothers and sisters, all of whom she loves very much. She has a big, happy family. She lives with her brothers, niece, half-siblings, parents, and nephews, all of whom love spending time with each other. Zendaya and Kaylee get along very well.Kaylee Coleman Stoermer

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman Biography

Most likely, Kaylee Stoermer Coleman was born in 2003 in Oakland, California. She is the last child of Kazembe Ajamu Coleman and her teacher stepmother Claire Stoermer.

Kaylee was born in the United States and is a Christian. But her exact age and birthday aren’t talked about or stated very often. Kaylee is Afro-American when it comes to her race.

Kaylee usually goes to events with her sister, the actor Zendaya, with whom she has shared the stage once or twice. People often wonder if Zendaya is an only child or if she has any brothers or sisters.

But Kaylee’s birth details have not been made public as of yet. Details have been kept from the public in a foolish way. Before Zendaya got very popular, their father worked as a bouncer and a gym teacher.

Kaylee grew up with her four brothers, Austin Stoermer Coleman, Annabella Stoermer Coleman, Julien Stoermer Coleman, and Zendaya, the famous American actress and singer who is the closest to her in age.

Kaylee is in high school now, but no one knows what grade she is in or where she goes to school. But her sister, Zendaya, went to Fruitvale Elementary School, where her mother taught for about 20 years.

Kaylee loves to go on trips and see new places. She has a very kind heart and thinks it’s important to give and share. We think that, like her sister Zendaya, she will also make her parents happy one day.

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman Age

Kaylee was probably born in 2003, so she should be 19 years old this year, in 2022. She already does celebrate her birthday every year.

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman Height and Weight

But Kaylee is about the same height as her sister Zendaya. Kaylee’s height is 5 feet 3 inches. The information we have says that she weighs about 105 pounds. She is 33-29-34 inches tall, wide, and long.

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman Career

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman is still in high school, so for now she is focused on her schoolwork. She has not yet found a way to make a living. But Zendaya, who is famous, started out as a fashion model for shops like Old Navy, Macy’s, Marvyn’s, and Sears.

The driven young woman got a lot of attention after she was in the 2010 Disney Channel sitcom Shake It Up. She had to sing on the show, which was easy for her because she had a singing background and was good at it. She did play music very well on the show.

Zendaya has been recognized by many groups for her impact, consistency, and hard work. She has won a Primetime Emmy Award and been nominated for both a Critics’ Choice Television Award and a Critics’ Choice Movie Award.

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman Net Worth

As of 2022, Kaylee’s net worth is still being calculated because she is too young and still in school to have found a way to make money for herself. But her family is thought to have a net worth of about $300,000.

Zendaya’s net worth, on the other hand, is $15 million. She has made a lot of money as an American actress, model, and singer over the years.

Zendaya Net Worth and Biography

Zendaya, whose full name is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, was born on September 1, 1996. She is an actress and singer from the United States. Over the years, she has won a number of awards.

Zendaya started her work as a child model for Macy’s, Mervyn’s, and Old Navy. She was also a backup dancer. But her big break came when she was cast as Rocky Blue in the 2010–2013 Disney Channel comedy Shake It Up.

As an artist, the young actress got Best Style and Choice Style Icon at the 2014 Radio Disney Music Awards for her song “You’ve Got Swag.”

The actor was also in the American superhero movie Spider-Man: No Way Home, which came out in 2021 and starred Jamie Foxx, Willem Dafoe, and Alfred Molina. The movie cost $200 million to make and made $1.88 billion at the box office.

At the moment, Zendaya is the main character in the American teen drama TV show Euphoria. Stars like Maude Apatow, Sydney Sweeney, Nika King, and Storm Reid are also in it.

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman Family History

When it comes to Kaylee’s family, she was born and raised by parents who were always there for her. Kazembe Ajamu Coleman is her director, bodyguard, and producer father, and Claire Stoermer is her stepmother. Kaylee is the youngest of Kazembe’s six children from relationships with other women. There are 3 sisters and 2 boys in her family.

Kazembe, who is her father, is also the CEO of KZC Entertainment. He also helps people get better at what they do and makes songs. Word on the street is also that he owns a lodge. Claire’s mom is a long-time teacher who used to work as a house manager at the California Shakespeare Theater in Orinda. Claire, on the other hand, has been a teacher for many years. Her mom, Kizzmet Jewelry, is also a jewelry line that she runs.

Katianna Stoermer Coleman, Annabella Stoermer Coleman, and Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman are all Kaylee’s sisters. Austin Stoermer Coleman and Julien Stoermer Coleman are her brothers.

Note that Kaylee’s family did not take Zendaya in as a child. People have often wondered if Zendya is a blood sister of Kaylee and her other four siblings because of the way she looks. Kaylee’s father had a relationship with Claire Stoermer, and that’s how Zendaya came to be.

After he divorced Kaylee’s mother, Kazembe married a white woman named Claire Stoermer. This made Zendaya their half-sister. They raised a young girl from The Euphoria as their own child. Zendaya and her other half-siblings may not have grown up in the same mother, but their father, Kazembe, is very much the same person.

For as long as anyone can remember, Zendaya’s family has kept her brothers’ private lives as quiet as possible. The level of secret is so high that there isn’t even a single picture of her on social media.

Kazembe hasn’t talked much about the woman who gave birth to Kaylee. But once, their father posted a picture of two women and said that they were their “baby mamas” on Instagram. He didn’t say which woman was Kaylee’s mother.

Also in October 2020, Kaylee’s father posted a picture of a woman holding a baby with the statement, “My firstborn, Latonja Coleman, and my teenage boo!!”

It looks like Latonja could be Kaylee’s other older sister. But she wasn’t in the family photo that was taken lately.

Kaylee keeps a lot of her personal life a secret. There isn’t much known about who she dates. But it’s possible that we’ll hear more about it in the future.

Kaylee is also still very young, and she shouldn’t be thinking about getting married. She doesn’t have a boyfriend and has never been in a love affair or other romantic connection.

She cares more about her job and her schoolwork than about love and dating. On the other hand, she might have a boyfriend or she might not.

But her half-sister Zendaya is dating Tom Holland right now.

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