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Lenovo IdeaPad 330-15 AMD Review and Specifications 

Lenovo IdeaPad 330-15 AMD offers a bright 15.6-inch display, a comfortable keyboard, and enough horsepower for daily productivity work, making it one of the best budget laptops currently available.

There are three screen sizes available in the IdeaPad 330 range: 14 inches, 15.6 inches, and 17.3 inches, giving you the flexibility to choose one that is most appropriate for your needs. The system comes in a stylish, premium design with excellent connectivity options, regardless of the version you choose.

We are reviewing the 15.6-inch Lenovo IdeaPad 330 15 AMD, which features an Intel Core i3-8130U processor, 8GB of RAM, a 1TB hard drive, and Intel UHD Graphics 620.

The specs sheet on this notebook appear to be similar to what would be found on a typical budget notebook, however, the durable design and class-leading productivity performance make this a great value. In the category of budget laptops, it easily earns our Editor’s Choice award.

If you wish to spend a little more money, the IdeaPad is also available with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of memory, and a 1TB solid-state drive. Even though competition in this segment is fierce, getting the flexibility to configure the notebook of your choice off the shelf is worth exploring. Now let us take a closer look at this laptop in brief. 


The Lenovo IdeaPad 330-15 AMD’s 15.6-inch 720p screen is perhaps the only feature we might not like, however, it is bright and legible for a budget laptop. While competitors such as the Acer Aspire E5-576-392H (see review here) offer full HD (1920 x 1080) resolutions, Lenovo chose a lower-resolution (1366 x 768) TN panel, which explains the low cost of the laptop.

It is easy to overlook the low resolution of the display, which is better than that of other budget notebooks with washed-out displays in the same category.  In the beginning, you will need to do some angling before you are able to find a spot that cannot be washed away. As far as price is concerned, it is not the best, but it is not the worst.

However, Lenovo has included an anti-glare coating on the screen, which eliminates reflections, making it the ideal choice for a sub-HD media device, provided you view it from the correct angle.


The 2019 IdeaPad 330 measures 0.9 by 10.2 by 14.9 inches (HWD) and weighs 4.85 pounds. It is a small and lightweight device that can be easily carried around. However, it is more lightweight and portable than some of its competitors. The Acer Aspire E15 (E5-576-392H) is one of our Top Picks for budget laptops, weighing 5.27 pounds and measuring 1.19 inches in thickness.

The platinum gray frame of this device feels reasonably sturdy, and it can easily be mistaken for a lightweight aluminum construction, which it is not. In the ultrabook category and in high-end notebooks, metallic construction is becoming more prevalent. As with other notebooks bearing the same aluminum profile, the platinum gray profile is used in more premium Lenovo systems, and as with other notebooks bearing the same material, it does pick up dirt and marks over time.

Keyboard And Touchpad

There are six rows of keys on the Lenovo IdeaPad 330 15 AMD. The keys are nicely spaced and provide good gripping comfort. On the right side, there is a number pad, which is a good addition. The arrow keys are well-positioned. 

Despite the short travel of the keys, a noticeable pressure point is felt when pressing them individually. With the keys, you can quickly navigate your way around and even fast typers will find them quite reliable.

There is a common color scheme throughout the device, including the touchpad. Inputs can be made through gesture control, even though it is positioned slightly to the left. In the setup menu of the pad, you have the option of configuring each touchpad gesture individually. In addition, it responds well to Windows 10 gestures and registers physical inputs with remarkable accuracy.


Lenovo IdeaPad 330-15 AMD features an AMD Ryzen 5 2500U quad-core processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB SSD storage, as well as integrated Intel HD 620 graphics. Ryzen 5 is a quad-core processor designed for mainstream laptops and Chromebooks. It performs slightly better than AMD’s A12-9700P processor. In addition to being fully customizable, the system allows users to choose an improved CPU, graphics card, RAM size, and even screen size when placing their order.

It is important to note that neither of these chips is designed for significant workloads, but both are capable of delivering good performance for typical office applications, and web applications can also suffice for limited multitasking. With the integrated Intel HD 620 graphics card, you will be able to play most games from 2015/2016 smoothly at low settings.

Ports And Storage

An excellent selection of I/O ports rounds out the Lenovo Ideapad 330 specifications. In addition, the laptop features a Type-C port, which is quite unusual in the category of budget laptops. In total, there are two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 3.0 Type-C port, an HDMI port, and an SD slot on the device. Using SD cards as an extension of the system’s storage capacity and as a means of transferring media is an excellent choice.

Other features include a headphone jack, a network port, and a DVD drive. An 802.11AC Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth 4.1 are used to provide wireless connectivity.

There is a 1TB 5400RPM hard drive included with the system, which means you will not need to expand the storage capacity unless you have a large number of files, but it is convenient to have the option. Despite this, the amount of storage available on this Chromebook is far greater than that found on most budget Chromebooks. Furthermore, you have the option of selecting a system that includes an SSD for storage when placing an order.

Battery Life

The Lenovo IdeaPad 330 15 AMD laptop does not provide excellent battery life, which is always one of the strong points of basic laptops. This particular IdeaPad 330 exhibits a disappointingly short battery life, indicating poor efficiency. The battery life of this device is approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes on a single charge, which is quite low for a modern machine.  One charge of the Aspire E 15 (E5-576-392H) will provide an impressive 10 hours 51 minutes of battery life.


Overall, the Lenovo IdeaPad 330-15 offers a good balance between performance and features at an affordable price point. This laptop has a sleek design, a comfortable keyboard and touchpad, as well as a decent display. This device is powered by an Intel Celeron or Pentium processor and has 4GB or 8GB of RAM, which is sufficient to handle basic tasks such as web browsing, document editing, and video playback. 

The battery life of the device is also quite good, providing up to 6 hours of operation after a single charge. Although it lacks a dedicated graphics card, gaming and other graphics-intensive tasks may not perform as well as they should. The Lenovo IdeaPad 330-15 is an excellent option for those seeking a basic laptop at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a better alternative?

There is no doubt that the Acer Aspire 5 A515-54-51DJ is a solid alternative to the Lenovo IdeaPad 330. With its Full HD (1920 X 1080) resolution, 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD, this device offers a Full HD (1920 X 1080) resolution. Additionally, it features a smaller chassis that is not particularly heavy and comes with a backlit keyboard.

It offers a full HD touchscreen, a stylus pen, AMD Radeon Vega 8 graphics card, and an AMD Ryzen 5 processor. Lenovo Flex 14 81SS0005US is a great option if you are looking for a 2-in-1 convertible with a touchscreen and a stylus. In addition to being lightweight, it has a touchscreen that adds more functionality and a longer battery life for college and business users.

Should you buy the Lenovo IdeaPad 330-15 AMD?

The Lenovo IdeaPad 330-15 AMD is one of the most affordable, stylish, and functional full-size laptops available today. This is one of the best choices for use in college and the workplace.

However, if you are willing to spend a little more money, you can purchase either of the two options above and enjoy better performance, a Full HD screen, and a significantly longer battery life.

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