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LimeTorrents (2020) Browsing Experience: Alternative/Similar Sites

People who use the LimeTorrents torrent Websites can understand best than non-users because they have seen how amazing the website is. Even the torrents you obtain from LimeTorrents aren’t just accurate and confirmed, but they also supply a quick speed download that hardly happens with torrent files from other websites.

LimeTorrents provides free torrents like Games, eBooks, Films, TV Shows, Software, and a variety of other stuff that are otherwise superior and inaccessible online. Is Limetorrents shutdown?

Are you checking out different ways to access Limetorrents? However, finding the best Limetorrents alternative is extremely difficult lately.

Luckily, Limetorrents operators alongside other torrents freaks are helping us with the most recent Limetorrents proxy & Mirror websites from time to time. It will provide you the latest content like HDonline. Limetorrents mirror websites contain precisely the same information, indicators, and updates alongside new content. The only contrast is that they work with another name.

Better Browsing Experience Through Limetorrents?

The entertainment methods may vary for various people, but movies, games, and sorts of music are almost like every individual. Whatever could be your profession, we spend most of our time browsing the web. The aim is often different, but whenever it involves games, movies, or some videos, you should surf through various torrent sites.

You’ll gift yourself an exquisite time browsing different torrent sites and spend your leisure in some cheery tone. However, if you haven’t mapped anything for your weekend, then can you appropriate it in the absolute best way?

You’ll call up your group and have a gala time by viewing through the contents of those sites, whereas you’ll also enjoy a solitary experience.

What is Limetorrents?

If you’re an online expert or think about yourself gadget freak, you want to have heard about limetorrents. It’s one of the foremost popular torrent websites that got up famous among users quickly. Although it start business quite a few years ago.

And within a minimal period, this site is becoming famous and gets popular. Do you want to be thinking of what made such an accessible site so popular? Torrent sites are regular websites with content supported by your favorite movies, music, videos, games, and other modes of entertainment.

Similarly, this generation also did an equivalent and began enjoying the content that the website had.

Although lots of alternative sites have now come up. And you’ll be ready to access through such websites, but a couple of years back, limetorrents were the only recognition.

Website features

To date, you want to have browsed through numerous websites; therefore, the most liked ones are those with some unique features. Regardless of the thing is, the features of that specific product make it appealing. Similarly, limetorrents must even have some unique features that have been ready to invite an outsized number of audiences down the road.

The following points will offer you a quick guide as under.

User-friendly interface – From the start since 2009, the interface of limetorrent has been an easy and simple one. Whether you’re a tech-savvy person or a non-tech savvy person, the interface will suit you. And you don’t need to make a fuss at the time of using it.

Well-crafted and informative home page – However, several torrent websites don’t have a well-organized home page available. As a result, the users tend to lose interest, but the limetorrents website features a very organized homepage. You’ll get each piece of data that will allow you to experience a smooth and entertaining browsing journey.

Separate filters – Being one among the foremost liked torrent sites, a number of the features have made this site ahead as compared. These filters can support particular areas of interest, specific languages, and separate filters for movies, particular genres, and music. As movies have different types, games, and music, even have such genres. So you’ll be ready to choose consistent with your wishlist.

Unique feature – If you’ve got not been ready to download any content from the website, thanks to any date error or if the download process has remained incomplete, then you’ll be available to download that from the purpose where the download had stopped.

How Should You Download Limetorrents?

You won’t be ready to enjoy online streaming with the assistance of this website; instead, you’ll be available to download movies, games, anime, and sorts of music. So without downloading the web site, you’ll not be ready to have access to it. The succeeding steps will assist you in downloading this on your computer or laptop.

1st step –You need to download instead of install BitTorrent for your system. You would like to download your software counting on the OS of your computer or desktop.

2nd step –After visiting the LimeTorrents site, you’ll download any torrent file of your choice. Within the prescribed search box, you’ll find several sites.

3rd step – After the whole downloading process, you’ve got to repeat the URL of the torrent file.

4th step – you’ll make a right-click on the precise file then come down again to repeat it again.

5th step – As I have explained to you if the download process is complete, then you would like to put in BitTorrent. Your job is nearly done as you press the option of hyperlink. Then you have to paste the previously copied URL of the Limetorrent file.

6th step –Now, you’ll click okay to download anything of your choice. The download duration will depend on your internet connection.


The category may be a vital feature, and when the category is of an internet site, moreover of a torrent website, it acts together of the first keys. You’ll get to ascertain many categorical differences. The categories are made for the advantages of the users.

  • Year bars – If you’ve got a fetish for retro movies, you’ll have a perfect watch time because, with the assistance of the year bar filter, you’ll also have access to the films of postcolonialism. You’ll also get to download black and white movies also.
  • Movie genres – Movies are categorized mainly depending upon their types, and therefore the specific genres are
    • Sports
    • Drama
    • Fiction
    • Women Empowerment
    • Documentaries
  • Game genres – Several games are also available on the Limetorrents and classified into several categories like:
  • Mission
  • Action
  • Race
  • Casino

Music genres – Like other categories, music also has its own genres like:

  • Movie Songs
  • Classical
  • Albums
  • Folks
  • Moods

Movies– And most importantly you will find all the movie genres on this platform like Megashare. Search out the desired movie and enjoy leisure time with a bunch of entertainment. Moreover, you will see the following categories under the movie section:

  • Recommended by viewers
  • IMDB rated movies
  • Popular Movies
  • Awards Shows
  • Most Watched

LimeTorrents (2020): Best Alternatives & Similar Sites

Everything has its own alternatives in this world and so the LimeTorrents. It has several similar sites that can entertain you just like LimeTorrents. And these similar sites are also common in people as alternatives to LimeTorrents. However, some functions are the same and some features are different from the LimeTorrents. But you will feel the same thing at the time of browsing.

Therefore, some of the most popular alternatives to Limetorrents are as under:

Kickass Torrents

Kickasstorrents exit quite ten years ago. If we are comparing with Limetorrents, Kickasstorrents was one of the first vital torrent platforms.

However, it lost many online users that proceeded into a particular torrent search engines websites after the temporary closure it had. The Kickasstorrents is one of the torrents and alternatives like

Likewise, not sort of a LimeTorrents proxy torrents intermediary, Kickass torrents possess a private electoral system, as full community cooperation to stay your new content. It’s also available globally because it supplies a site in many languages.

PirateBay Torrent

Many have called The Pirate Bay, the king of torrent websites, and that we aren’t getting to dispute that.

The site is among the first resilient torrent websites operational, which suggests that you’ll nearly always have access to the enormous library of content. It’s often used to use mirror sites or proxies to stay alive, but so far, it’s managed to stay afloat.


RARBG is becoming to be the absolute website to think about if you’re hooked on films. It is an intricate detail page and can divulge to you everything you would like to understand when it’s to try to work together with your files.

The highest 10 lists will make sure that you know the movie’s recognition and make it easier to locate new releases.


ExtraTorrent is that the most famous destinations and lots of visited the BitTorrent site to urge free torrents. ExtraTorrent’s are the simplest options for LimeTorrents to take care of downloading torrents at no cost and without constraints.

Its purpose is to supply a simple to-utilize directory and program for a massive range of torrent files. You’re ready to download content from this website like Films, TV Shows, Games, Music, applications, and E-books, etc. it’s an excellent option for all Limetorrents alternatives.


EZTV has been around for an extended time. Throughout this point, it’s managed to develop a superb reputation within the torrenting community. An equivalent as LimeTorrents, EZTV offers users the newest and best movies and television shows, which might be very tough to seek out anywhere else. This makes it a superb alternative to LimeTorrents.


It is one of the first popular illegal torrent websites that are developed recently. Within a concise period of time, this site became more familiar due to its amazing features and interface.

Firstly, it provides all Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Bollywood, Hollywood dubbed and Gujarati movies in HD resolution. All these movies are available for downloading and streaming without any charge. Secondly, the site’s interface is extremely user friendly, allowing people to navigate through it quickly. Thirdly, the location also hosts an outsized number of web series, documentaries, short films, and television shows.

Above all, the site’s contents are divided into categories, supported their genre or year of release. With every content, there’s a brief piece of data given so that viewers don’t need to Google about the content separately.


Another pirated website that must be mentioned as a well-liked alternative of the lime torrent site is 1337x. The site’s interface may be a very simple one. You don’t need to be a technically well-versed person to navigate through this site.

Neither of you’ve got to travel through tutorials. The house page contains an enormous number of documentaries, short films, web series, TV shows, films, etc. Also, original contents are available in their dubbed versions allowing viewers to stream and download them in any language of their choice.

All services are provided free of charge. The website covers content from all genres like fantasy, crime, horror, thriller, crime, horror, and comedy, etc.


This site allows you to stream and download Malayalam, Punjabi, Bollywood, Tamil, Telegu, Gujarati, and Hollywood dubbed movies for free of charge in HD resolution.

The contents are available in various formats, allowing users to observe and download them in any form they need. The website hosts films getting to educate the masses. The contents on this site are unique and deliver particular messages to the general public.

The site mainly uploads non-commercial content getting to make people conscious of social, political, and other issues. Ever since the location has been launched, but has been providing commendable services to people across the world.

FAQs About LimeTorrents

What is a primary block and a secondary block?

You may face difficulty accessing this site; otherwise, you may face trouble in downloading specific content. Though again, this relies on the place where you reside and how strict your government measures are.

The first block is such a condition that, once you won’t access the website, or there’ll be a message of “blocked” while opening the site. Secondary block means that you cannot download any particular content once you have already accessed the site.

You might get frustrated, but you either got to use a proxy URL or a VPN service during this case.

Is LimeTorrents accessible?

It is a different question, and therefore, the answer will vary to different parts of the globe. If you do not have access to this site, you would like to know that your government has blocked this site in your region.

Though this might not be the case for a few other places as you would possibly ready to enjoy its access in another field; therefore the accessibility depends on the vigilance of the govt. of that specific area. If the govt. has stringent measures, then you’ve got to seem for an alternate.

Why will you use an URL or a VPN service?

If you cannot reach or download anything from the LimeTorrents site, you’ll need to use either an URL or a VPN service to urge free and fair access. Using this may not allow your internet service provider or copyright sharks to know about your access history. You’ll even be saved from not letting your data getting visible to such authorities.


I hope, you must have learned from this informative piece about the whereabouts of LimeTorrents. So now you’ve got a one-stop solution. Regardless of your reception. Otherwise, you are out for a few work you’ll always keep yourself entertained.

You’ll even download the foremost accessible TV content that’s making a buzz and be the primary among your friends to avoid spoilers.

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