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How to Login to MDC Blackboard and Recover Your Password

Are you in school at Miami Dade College (MDC)? This MDC Blackboard page will help you log in to your account, reset your MDC student account password, and get in touch with MDC management and customer service.

MDC Virtual College runs MDC Blackboard for all Miami Dade College students to make it easier for them to learn.

The MDC virtual college gives DMC students a unique login to join in to their MDC Blackboard student account. This lets them talk directly with their professors [Administrators], see and do their homework, share assignments with their classmates, and do anything else they need to do for school on the MDC website.

With your MDC Blackboard login, you will be able to see your scores, rankings, and how well you are doing in school. All of these things will be private and only you will be able to see them, not all of the MDC students.

MDC Blackboard Lectures

If you’re new to Miami Dade College, you might wonder how students take classes since most of what they need to know is on their MDC account.

The MDC and Blackboard, Inc. work together to give students the chance to take their lessons online. The MDC learning process is then accessed through the MDC Blackboard learn website at This website lets students, lectures, and other administrative officeholders upload classwork, homework, group assignments, personal assignments, and other tasks for students to do online.

Students Learning Guide

Students can download and watch a video version of the MDC Blackboard learning guide. Students take live online lectures set up by their teachers, and all other academic information is posted to the students’ portal through the Miami Dade College Blackboard learning platform.

With the Miami Dade College Blackboard login, students will be able to download their assignments, work on them, and upload them back for the instructor to see. They can also download them, grade them, and upload them back for each student to see their marks.

MDC Blackboard Login

During registration, the people in charge at Miami Dade College will give you information on how to log in to the virtual class website. Follow the steps below to use the MDC login to get to your student account.Sign in to Miami Dade College

  • Open your computer and go to to see Blackboard Learn Center.
  • Type in your login and password for MDC
  • Click the “Login” button.

You will be taken to your Miami Dade College Blackboard student profile, where you can find all of your teachers’ lectures, assignments, classwork, homework, and many other things.

Recover MDC Login Password

Did you forget the password for MDC Login? Here’s how to get back your MDC student password if you’ve lost it. Blackboard MDC

  1. Go to in your browser.
  2. Click on “forgot password”
  3. Type in your Student ID or SSN.
  4. Type in your Name.
  5. Type your name at the end
  6. Choose your birth date (DoB).
  7. Click the button that says “Continue”

Follow the steps on the screen to get back into your MDC account if you lost your password.

Miami Dade College Contact

The email address, office address, and phone number of a Miami Dade College employee are listed below.


For safety reasons, here are the emergency numbers to call if you are taking a course at Miami Dade College.

Hialeah, Florida, 305-237-8701

House 305-237-5100

Kendall  305-237-2100.

Medical is 305-237-4100.

North 305-237-1100

Padrón  (305) 237-6046.

West 305-237-8100

Wolfson (305) 237-3100

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