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Microsoft Corporation is a famous American multinational technology company that was started by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975. It makes personal computers, consumer electronics, computer software, and other goods and services that are related to technology.

A Microsoft account is a single-sign-on user account that lets you use many Microsoft services, like Windows,, OneDrive, Skype, and Xbox Live. It is made up of an email address and a password that are used to log in to different Microsoft products and services.

You have to prove who you are by logging in and linking your Microsoft account before you can use these goods. To do this, go to, which is the official page for linking your Microsoft account. This step makes sure that your Microsoft account is linked and that you are allowed to use the services without any problems.

The URL takes you to the official page for linking your Microsoft account. This page is meant to help people connect their Microsoft accounts to different services, devices, or apps.

Microsoft uses MFA (multifactor identification) because it cares about security. It makes the sign-in process safer by adding another layer of security. There are times when MFA doesn’t work with your Microsoft account or app. Then you will need to use a code that your app or device gives you at to get into your account.

You can link your Microsoft account to the service you want by going to the URL and following the steps below. This will allow you to access and use the service easily on all devices.

How to Link Your Microsoft Account at

When you link your Microsoft account, you connect a Microsoft account (like an,, or email address) to other Microsoft services, like Windows 10, Xbox Live, Skype, or OneDrive.

When you link your accounts, you can use the same login information and password to get to many Microsoft services. It’s also easier to change your account settings and preferences.

Go to and enter the code that appears on your app or computer to link your Microsoft account. Sign in with your email address and password for a current Microsoft account after entering the code to prove who you are. Other Microsoft services and tools can be used after your account is linked.

You can play more than 100 great games with your friends on Microsoft’s Xbox. On the platform you want to play your favorite games, you must sign in to your Xbox account.

Find out how to sign in and play Rocket League on Xbox One. It’s a soccer game where cars drive around.

  • Start up your Xbox game system.
  • Get to the home screen of your game.
  • To sign in with a Microsoft Account, click the link that says it.
  • Now you’ll see a unique 8-digit number and the website address (URL)
  • On your screen, you’ll also see how to use the link to sign in and play the game.
  • Open the link on a different device, like a computer or phone.
  • Type in the link code that shows up on your computer or app.
  • Click the Next button after you enter the code.
  • Now, use your Microsoft account information to sign in.
  • To get into your Microsoft account, follow the steps shown on the screen.

Note: Microsoft will tell you not to use the code on the official link, which is

You can get to your Xbox Live profile, achievements, and other Xbox Live features on your device once it is linked to your Microsoft account. You can also use your Microsoft account to sign in to OneDrive, Skype, and other Microsoft services on your Xbox.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it safe to visit

Yes, the site linked to above is real. But when you click on the link, Microsoft will tell you not to.

How to use the link at

For apps that don’t allow multifactor authentication, you’ll need to use the link to log in. You’ll need to go to and enter the code that your app or device gives you to sign in.

The link code can be found where.

It will ask you to choose a Controller or Use another device when you log in to your Xbox to play your favorite game. To get a link code, choose “Use another device.” Open the URL on your computer or phone. After that, enter the code that lets you log into your computer from afar.

How do I sign in straight to my Xbox with a controller?

(If no one is signed in.) Choose “Add New” and then follow the on-screen steps. You can go to Profile & System and click the Add or Switch button if the person is already logged in. After that, click Add New. Then, follow the steps shown on the screen to log in to your Xbox.

You can let us know in the comments if you have any technical problems. In our next blog, we’ll try to talk about the problem. You can also get in touch with Microsoft directly.

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