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Nintendo Gamecube: Top10 Best Selling Gamecube Game!

As you know the Nintendo GameCube is home of video game which has plenty of incredible games. Almost 32 Gamecube titles have sold and approximately 200 million game units sold for the system overall.

In previous some months, some Gamecube games remained top-selling games for the Nintendo 64, Playstation, Playstation 2 and the original Xbox. Almost Gamecube has sold 21.74 million units in its career.

Here you can see the list of top 10 best selling Gamecube games

Super Smash Bros: Melee

the game is full of electrifying action and has become the best selling game pf Gamecube games. It is on the number one best selling game with seven million copies.

In this title 25 characters, 29 stages and an epic soundtrack are included. This fight was given sequels on the Wii, Nintendo 3Ds, Nintendo Switch, Wii U.

MarioKart- Double Dash

Mario kart is a fast-paced addition game that set for two players characters. With the upgraded version, Karts became customizable and filled with unreal amounts of adventures.

In this game, Yoshi could roll his egg, and baby Mario goes wild on the back of a Chain Chomp. It is the second most sold game of the Gamecube because almost seven million copies have purchased by players.

Mario Party 4

Mario Party 4 is the first appearance on the Gamecube. It is a minigame stocked game that features new six theme boards, and eight playable characters are included in it.

The game got critics before that but ith updated graphics and improved multiplayer mode it made players favourite on the GameCube. Almost two million copies of Mario Party 4 has sold out.

Paper Mario

Paper Mario is another best Gamecube game which came in 2004. it is a role-playing game in which Mario was prised for a compelling storyline, creative gameplay and clever mechanics.

The game was its own sequel on the Wii: Super Paper Mario. This game has sold over two million copies.

Sonic Adventure 2

the sonic series released the Sonic Adventure 2 and first appeared on the Sega Dreamcast system. The game features two interlinking good vs evil storylines.

In updated version game there are more expanded adventures with multiplayer options, upgraded abilities and special characters. It brought an additional 21 player in battle maps. Almost the game sold over 2.5 million copies.

Metroid Prime

Metroid is another new series and its fifth instalment came in Gamecube games. It is also one of the best selling Gamecube game.

The fifth series features varied environments, special effects and level design all garnered from critics. The game is available on the Wii U’s Nintendo e-Shop. Approximately over 2.5 million copies have sold.

Animal Crossing

In 2001, Animal crossing game showed up in the list on the Gamecube games. The game allows players to move to a village with friendly animal neighbours and build up their lives as the newest resident of the town.

Players experience seasons and holidays in the game. Moreover, this one best-selling Gamecube game features several hidden and fully playable N.E.S..E.S. games. Almost over three million copies have sold off the Animal crossing.

Luigi’s Mansion

it is scary Mario series and second ever game of the Mario series. It features green plumber after Mario Is Missing! That is the main character.

All the graphics design and gameplay are amazing. Luigi Mansion’s third instalment is scheduled to be released on the Nintendo Switch, and its 3.5 million copies have sold.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Walker

here’s another best Gamecube game is The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Walker. In this group, the group save his sister from Ganon and players love the fresh visuals and unique storyline and gameplay. This series features cartoon-style design, and it’s 4.5 million copies have sold.

Super Mario Sunshine

the game follows the island which filled with different worlds. In this game, Mario navigated the levels for the search of Princess Peach with his buddy F.L.U.D.D.. who is the coolest water jetpack device in the world.

The game has amazing beautiful environments, catchy music and never-ending puzzles. Approximately six million copies have sold off this Gamecube game.

 Bottom line

Well, the Nintendo Gamecube is one of my best platforms, and I think it’s an all-time favourite due to Mario.  Here we mentioned the 10 best selling Gamecube games and fans had purchased its hundreds millions of copies.

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