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Rainbow Six Siege Update Brings New Game Mode And Operator

Rainbow Six Siege is now in its seventh year, and this first season of year seven is no disappointment to fans of the series.  Ubisoft went out and listened to fans of the series when they came up with the plans for the latest update for the game. The newest update to the game brought in a new operator, something that is common for the series to do each season of the game. But in something that not even people that do Kentucky Derby odds could have ever predicted, the game would add a Team Deathmatch game mode.


Team Deathmatch Finally Comes to Rainbow Six Siege


The game mode was something that fans of the series have been asking for since the game first came out in 2015. The mode puts players in a five-on-five match with a five-minute time limit. Teams will have that much time to get as many kills within the limit, with the team having the most kills, or the team to reach 75 kills first, will be declared the winner. With the TDM format, Rainbow Six Siege joins the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield, two games that are well known for their TDM gameplay.


The game mode allows for players to use any unlocked player from the attackers or defenders’ side, except for Clash, Montagne, and Blitz, when playing the game mode. It also doesn’t allow for the operator’s unique abilities to be used in the TDM game mode, making this mode a simple hunt and kill game mode. TDM also doesn’t affect players’ ranking and won’t decrease their MMR, giving ranked players another fun game mode to explore.

Azami: The Newest Rainbow Six Siege Defender


Along with the addition of Team Deathmatch to the game, they have added in a new operator for year seven, season one of the game. Her name is Kana Fujiwara, nickname Azami, and she can be acquired by purchasing the premium pass for the game’s battle pass. She sports the ability to throw a Kiba Barrier, creating a bulletproof barrier to protect defenders from attackers. Her ability puts her on a level similar to Castle, a defender whose ability is armor panels for doors and windows.


Hailing from Kyoto, Japan, Azami’s story begins with her as a bodyguard to a Masayuki Yahata, a billionaire targeted for assassination. Azami would fail in her duty to protect Yahata and would seek Rainbow Six’s help to find the people responsible for his death. Before becoming a personal bodyguard, Azami’s background was in the public sector as a police officer. She also knows Aikido and Jujitsu martial arts.

Battle Pass Returns With All New Items to Acquire


The battle pass returns to Rainbow Six Siege for year seven, season one. The battle pass has a free tier and a premium tier for those willing to pay for the extra goodies in the battle pass. The premium version gives players an item for every level they rank up in the battle pass, while the free version only gives out things every so often. The extra items from the premium tier will cost players $9.99.


Both versions allow players to get items up to tier 100 of the battle pass, with players on both the free or premium version getting alpha packs every five levels past tier 100. The free version will have 31 items for players to acquire up to tier 100, with premium battle pass users getting 100 items plus the 31 free items up to tier 100. The premium version of the battle pass includes 600 Rainbow Six credits worth $4.99, player and weapon skins, and boosters for renown and battle pass points.


Rainbow Six Siege is on Discount on PSN for the Start of Year Seven Season One


The PlayStation Store has Rainbow Six Siege Deluxe Edition on sale for 75% until the end of March for players to come and enjoy the latest update for Rainbow Six. The sale started when Ubisoft announced the start of year seven, season one of Rainbow Six Siege. The deal puts the game at $9.99 on the PlayStation Store.

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