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Review of the anti-parenting blog Dad and Buried

Hey there, other dads! Are you sick of reading blogs about parenting that make it look like everyone else has it all together? Put on your dad hats, because I’m about to tell you something different: People who are parents online are going crazy over “Dad and Buried,” a blog that criticizes parents. Its mix of humor, brutal honesty, and relatability is sure to change the way we think about being parents. Here is my honest review of why “Dad and buried the anti-parent parenting blog.” So sit back, grab a drink, and let’s go.

A Brief Look at Dad and Buried The Blog Against Parenting

Kids are wonderful and hard to raise, and everyone has an opinion on how to do it. But what if there was a blog that talked about parenting in a way that was funny, honest, and just sarcastic enough to make you question (and accept) the chaos? There is a blog called Dad and Buried that talks about the good and bad parts of being a dad while breaking social norms.

Believe me when I say this isn’t like other dad blogs. Mike Julianelle is a father, a writer, and someone who doesn’t follow the rules. He talks about having kids from his own unique point of view, without making it sound better or more beautiful than it really is. Are you ready to change how you teach your kids? Check out my honest review of “Dad and Buried.” We need to change what it means to be a parent in the present day!

My Sincere Review on Dad and Buried

Dad and Buried

The new site, Dad and Buried is great for parents because it has material that is relatable and about the real things that parents go through. Find out why you should follow dad and buried the anti-parent parenting blog by reading on.

  • Parents who are happy can connect to

I know how hard it can be to raise kids because I’m a dad too. That’s why I feel so lucky to have found a parenting blog like Dad and Buried. This blog post from dad and mom about parenting is very easy to understand and is based on real events that parents go through every day. Different from other parenting blogs, Dad and Buried is all about going against the grain when it comes to parenting. Many times, dads are supposed to take a back seat when it comes to raising their kids. But that’s not going to happen on this blog. Why does it make us want to make decisions that are different from what our parents want? That’s why I can relate to what it says.

  • The reason why it’s important to stop parenting the way you always have

Things change all the time, so parents have to figure out how to raise their kids in this world. Now, the old ways of having kids don’t work, so we need to break away from them and find new ways that work for our families. We can raise kids who can handle life’s problems and think for themselves if we go about it this way. One way to be different as a parent is to value not following rules over being strict.

One important way to go against the norm as a parent is to make sure that you and your child have open and honest conversations as they get older. Telling your kids what to do is no longer up to you. Instead, they need to help their kids become adults. Old ways of raising kids don’t always work in today’s world. This is becoming more and more clear.

  • Think about what it’s really like to be a parent.

I know that being a parent isn’t always easy because I’m one. There are, in fact, good days and bad days. There are bad days more often than good days sometimes. Dad and Buried knows this is a part of being a parent. That’s why their blog, Dad and Buried: The Anti-Parenting Blog, is all about giving parents a place to talk about their issues. I like reading blogs that aren’t afraid to talk about how hard it can be to be a parent.

Too much work or hobbies can make you feel bad about not spending enough time with your kids. Dad and Buried talks about these and other taboo topics. By stating these facts, they are telling us dads that we shouldn’t be rigid in how we raise our kids because that’s not what society wants.

  • The Place of a Blog in the World

It feels like a big family in Dad and Buried, which is something I like. Parents sometimes think they are the only ones having certain problems and feel alone when they are having them. Dads from all walks of life can talk to each other and share their stories in the blog’s comments and replies. The blog Dad and Buried the Anti-Parenting also has a Facebook group where parents can meet other parents going through the same thing and talk about their issues. Each other and get help. These days, it’s hard to find a group that is open and doesn’t judge.


A blog called Dad and Buried: The Anti-Parent Parenting is not like most blogs about being a parent. There is an internet space where parents are welcome because everyone makes mistakes and has bad days. For parents who have ever felt like they don’t fit the normal parenting mold, Mike Julianelle’s funny and freeing take on parenting is a breath of fresh air.

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