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Review: The LucidSound LS31 Universal Wireless Gaming Headset

There is a slight difference in performance between a gaming headset and a regular headset. Apart from the basic considerations, such as durability and comfort, gamer-specific considerations should also be taken into account when making a headset selection.

It is important to maintain a steady microphone performance while switching between different games. A comfortable playing experience that lasts for several hours. As you move between games, you will be able to adjust the controls. Moreover, if you plan to play competitively, you will not just be concerned with the sound quality, but with the hardware functionality as well.

An Overview 

In most cases, when people imagine a quality gaming headset, they think of something like the LucidSound LS31. Featuring a number of improvements over its predecessor, the LS31 represents a significant advancement for the LucidSound brand. In most respects, the Lucid Sound LS31 is successful in achieving what it sets out to accomplish.

However, gamers are different from other individuals. There is a wide variety of players who are interested in immersing themselves in their game; others are seeking a competitive edge over their opponents; and some are only concerned about the level of comfort and clarity of the microphone. Certainly, it cannot be said that the LucidSound LS31 is suitable for everyone, but its features are incredibly compelling for its intended audience.

Build & Design

LucidSound LS31

The LucidSound LS31 speakers feature a durable metal frame that gives the impression that they are of high quality. A fully contracted position of the headband will give you a measurement of 7.9 x 3.9 x 7.9 inches. The height increases slightly as you lower each ear-cup from the headband. They look modern, stylish, and expensive from an aesthetic standpoint.

This means that they exhibit a fairly distinguished appearance, even when using parts of a fairly standard nature. These headphones feature 50mm drivers, which are nearly 20% larger than many drivers used in full-size headphones. For the LS31, these larger drivers have a multitude of effects, affecting the soundscape almost in every aspect.

It is important to note that these drivers are specifically designed to provide clear tonal reproduction. As for performance, that is exactly what gamers require from their headsets. There are a number of other characteristics of sound that are influenced by those 50mm drivers. In particular, there is a marked increase in bass tones and a slight increase in volume.

Audio Quality

In addition to Windows Sonic Surround, the LS31 is compatible with Xbox One and Windows 10. Unfortunately, it does not support any additional surround sound features outside of those platforms, a feature that is exclusive to the LS41. However, within those platforms, the addition of virtual surround sound provides a higher degree of precision when determining the location of targets. Additionally, it allows you to hear what someone is saying more clearly when they are mumbling into a poor microphone.

There is no doubt that the LS31, with its over-ear, closed-sound design, is the type of headphones that is most desired by gamers. By keeping out external noise, you are able to focus on gaming and refrain from annoying people around you with noisy headphones. The use of this type of isolation is helpful for concentrating in a noisy environment, as well as convenient for others. If there is absolutely no noise around you, it is the best option for listening to music. It is not the best way to get a spacious sound from music.

Microphone Performance

The microphone on the LS31 is another area where the device deserves praise. The system utilizes a fairly sophisticated dual microphone system. The fully extended microphone hangs on a flexible boom in front of the headset and is the most noticeable of the two microphones. In addition, there is a second microphone located on the chassis of the LS31, which is more typical of a Bluetooth style microphone. Approximately half an inch above the boom mic, it has a pinhole-sized opening.

One of the obvious advantages of this setup is the ability to cancel out background noise. In order to reduce unwanted noise during transitions, headsets can utilize data from both microphones. Furthermore, most gamers will benefit from the inclusion of multiple microphones for monitoring.

With this feature, you are able to hear your own voice broadcast on the LS31. In addition to checking your own sound and clarity, you can use it to create a recording. When you have multiple microphones monitoring you, you can determine if you are too quiet or too loud in about two seconds.

Furthermore, the LS31 is certainly capable of streaming games. When switching between VOIP clients, you can easily adjust microphone levels as you move from one to another due to the sensitivity of the microphone.

As far as the microphone on the LS31 is concerned, it is in the range of being capable of being used by stock brokers shouting in a crowded room. In reality, however, most gamers do not require the most advanced microphones because they do not play their games in an airport terminal. Generally, they work in quieter environments, or in lightly active environments, which are suitable for consumer-grade microphones. Therefore, you should assess the importance of these features in light of your specific requirements.

Battery Life

The LS31 is equipped with a high capacity rechargeable battery that is designed to last for approximately 20 hours. As far as achieving 20 hours is concerned, it depends on a number of factors. There are many elements involved, ranging from the volume levels to the frequency with which you speak into the microphone. In reality, the LucidSound LS31 actually achieves a battery life of approximately 20 hours using the device as intended.

Using an open microphone and cranking up the volume to higher levels will likely result in a battery that has a capacity of closer to 18 hours. In the course of a play session, a dead battery will not interrupt you, and that is what really matters. In the event you do not start using it heavily and fail to recharge it on a regular basis, battery issues should be avoided.

Connectivity and Ease of Use

In terms of ease of use, it is worth noting that the LS31 has a number of quick access controls. By using quick access buttons, you can toggle your music or calls without having to use a separate remote control or interface. Whether you are a gamer or not, it is quite convenient.

Unlike most headsets today, the LucidSound LS31 does not incorporate Bluetooth technology. Rather, it utilizes a universal wireless design that is connected to a computer via a standard USB cable. In this manner, you will be able to listen to uncompressed audio without experiencing lag. Moreover, it has a superior level of vocal clarity when compared to Bluetooth. However, you should not expect to be able to make Bluetooth connections since the software does not support Bluetooth.

Game-Facing Comfort

It is essential that gamers are comfortable for a long time. If you are settling in and playing your new favorite game, you do not want to have to stop playing because your headset becomes uncomfortable. To its credit, the LS31 is highly comfortable with a rating of nine out of ten. Is there anything that makes it attractive?

One of the most important elements of this headset is its over-ear design, which is also one of the simplest. A pair of over-ear headphones is what you need for long-term comfort, and they are what the majority of gamers are looking for. There is a great deal of plushness to the oval over-ear cups employed by the LucidSound LS31. These cushions are internally made of memory foam, making them ideal for long periods of play.

Headbands made from this material are exceptionally thick and durable. With the support of two layers of stitching, the padding thickness is held in place, ensuring that the headband remains flexible and durable during use. With its smooth and easy-to-clean skin surrounding the memory foam, the LS31 provides exceptional comfort under most conditions.

However, the LS31 does suffer in two areas. Firstly, heat dissipation is required. It is important to note that memory foam absorbs heat, while the plastic-like fabric that protects the LS31 does not do well at dissipating it. A hot room and the LS31 on your head for six hours can cause sweat to accumulate on your head. Secondly, there is the matter of weight.

Room for Improvement

It is also important to note that due to the metallic construction, the ear cups do not pivot. The rigid design of the LS31 makes it more vulnerable to damage when handled roughly, thrown in a suitcase, or crushed under other objects. Due to the over-ear design of these headphones, the lack of a swivel is less of a concern, but it should be kept in mind in terms of durability.

The issue of weight, on the other hand, is entirely different. Almost any pair of headphones priced at $1,000 will provide you with an excellent listening experience. The majority of them appear to be constructed from cheap plastics. This is due to the fact that these brands have conducted extensive research to determine how a headphone’s weight impacts its comfort level.

The general rule of thumb is that you should aim to achieve about half a pound of weight. In other words, the headphones are heavy enough to be felt on your head, but not so heavy that removing them brings a sense of relief. As for the LS31 and its metallic construction, it looks great, and despite their lack of swivel, they are quite durable. However, since they are close to weighing exactly one pound, many people will find these headphones to be uncomfortable to wear for more than six hours.

Most people do not experience discomfort with headphones around this weight, but the degree of sensitivity to weight differences varies from person to person. However, if you plan on wearing the LS31 for more than eight hours in a row, you should keep this in mind. The headphones may become a favorite while not being used, and you may find yourself putting them on your shoulders for short listening sessions.

What are its Pros and Cons




The design is excellent There is a bit of noise from the microphone, and the volume cannot be changed
A very comfortable and well-constructed product The mic quality is surprisingly bad
The sound is solid
An excellent wireless signal


The LS31 also features removable and replaceable ear cups, which is a feature that many people appreciate. It is extremely easy to clean them as well, which is important to the longevity of a gaming headset of any quality. With its universal transmission design, the universal transmission can be used with both consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation, as well as PCs. A carrying case made of EVA is optionally available for the LS31.


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