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Learn How to Fix if Your Samsung+ Has Stopped

Samsung is one of the biggest names in technology. But from quite some time, users started facing the issue that their Samsung+ has stopped working or is not working properly as it used to do. If you are reading this article right now, this shows you are among those unfortunates who are also facing the same issue. You must have seen an error message flash up on your screen saying that your “Unfortunately Samsung+ has stopped.” But your worries about Samsung+ should be ending now because here, you will get to know how you can fix your Samsung+ and make it work perfectly. In this post, you will learn six magical techniques to repair your Samsung+.

Samsung+ is a wonderful app with a fully integrated program that allows users to access their content without any difficulty and enjoy a vast variety of games on their phones and a wide range of other functions. However, sometimes the app becomes unresponsive and stops working due to several issues.

What is Samsung+?

First of all, it is important to know Samsung+ and how it works on android devices. Samsung+ is an app that allows a user experience easy access to enjoyable content. A user can play different games, watch interesting videos and learn new things by streaming through the internet on your device. It comes pre-installed on all Samsung devices. It is easy to access in two languages, including English and Korean.

This app has many tempting aspects of use, but the one that users find the most fascinating is that this app provides the opportunity to have a live video conversation with the customer service agent of the Samsung company and the service of messaging and voice calling. Apart from this feature, another tempting feature is using the feature of “Samsung Assist .” This feature allows users to access their mobile phones and other Samsung devices remotely after getting authorization from the support agent.

Another amazing function of the Samsung+ app has Device Diagnostics. This unique function allows users to keep track of their Samsung mobile phone’s battery health and mobile phone data security. This app also helps in personalized assistance where users can create and store their unique ideas and strategies to get the most out of their devices.

Samsung has never stopped inventing new features and functions. This Samsung+ app provides easy access to the most recent invented features and other perks like tailored offers and discounts.

Samsung+ is very easy to use in a Samsung device. A user only needs to sign up for an account, and a world of amazing things opens up for him. A Samsung user can freely choose three tiers of customer service: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The Silver and Gold level members get the announcement of upcoming Samsung devices and special discounts and offer along with the customer care assistance through video chat. The members have the platinum level avail not only the Personal Concierge Service but also a waiver on the costs of the lost, stolen, or replaced devices.

“Unfortunately, Samsung+ has stopped” What does this mean?

Samsung+ Has Stopped

Often Samsung users see a message pops up on their screen saying, “Unfortunately, Samsung+ has stopped,” a software issue. This issue encourages users to perform a factory reset. Some users may have done this to solve their issue, and their issue may have been solved but on the cost of losing not-backed-up data.

How can you fix it?

Instead of uninstalling, reinstalling, or factory reset, Here are a few proven methods that you can use to fix if your Samsung+ has stopped:

  • Force stop 

You can forcibly stop the Samsung+ app. For this purpose, you need to go to the device “settings” in the “apps,” find the “Samsung+” app and click the “force stop” button.

  • Clear Cache

Sometimes the issue is associated with the cached data of the device, so it is always recommended to clear the cache if the device is not working properly. To clear the cache, you need to go to the device “settings,” then click “apps,” go-to “Samsung+,” and tap “Clear cache.”

  • Check for App Updates

Sometimes the Samsung+ app ceases to work properly not because of cache but because of an out-of-date version of the app’s operating system. To update the app, you need to go to the google play store, choose My apps from the menu given on the screen, and go to the Samsung+ and look for any updates if it is available for you to update. If it is available, click the update button and install all the recent updates of the device.

  • Check for software update 

You can also check the device’s operating system whether it is the most current version of the software or not. To update the software, you can go to the device “settings,” then click the “system” menu, press the “software update,” and see if there is any update available for you to install or not.


Samsung+ app is an amazing app pre-installed in the Samsung devices that provides its users easy access to an unlimited opportunity of streaming and other fun activities. But somehow, Samsung+ stopped working due to various reasons, and users find it difficult to make it work properly again and find themselves forced to uninstall and reinstall or factory reset without knowing that he can make it work properly by following a few proven techniques that don’t require much time and effort including force stop, clear cache, look for app update, and software update.


What does Samsung+ has stopped means?

It means the Samsung+ app has crashed.

Why has the Samsung+ app has stopped working on my mobile phone?

The accumulated cached data on your device may have ceased working properly on your mobile phone.

Why does my phone keep saying, unfortunately, Samsung+ has stopped?

You need to clear the cache and data accumulated on your phone.

How do I fix it? Unfortunately, Samsung+ has stopped popping up on my mobile phone screen?

You can fix your phone by simply: 
1. Force stop
2. Clear Cache
3. Check for App updates
4. Check for software update
5. What happens if I force stop the Samsung+ app?

It will halt all the process running background if the app is not functioning well. It clears the cache memory and lets you freshly start the device.

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