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The Best YouTube Alternatives To Use And Earn Money Online!

Although YouTube is that the central platform for uploading any video for free of charge on the web (mainly since Google acquired it), there are some YouTube alternatives that you shouldn’t miss.

These alternatives provide features you’ll need for future video – and they are free! And it’s harder than ever to draw in YouTube subscribers.


Vimeo is another US video hosting platform. It is often an excellent source of traffic for your website. Vimeo is a superb place to upload your videos on the web because it’s many users and enjoys an honest program ranking.

Vimeo aims to develop an environment during which quality is more important than quantity. There are many short films and high-quality videos submitted by the community. Vimeo has also released an app for Android and iOS for download. Mobile users can now start their Vimeo experience or create an account anywhere.

The equivalent of Vimeo’s YouTube subscription feature allows you to follow the channels (or users) of your choice. It also allows other users to go away comments.


Metacafe also can be considered as another great alternative to YouTube. This website has a superb system to make sure that each one downloaded videos are of top quality, which there are not any duplicates on the web site.

They also group videos into different categories, including entertainment, sports, video games, movies, news, and TV, and many unique viewers come to observe videos monthly.


Dailymotion is additionally a well-liked video uploading and sharing service that also offers an excellent user experience compared to YouTube. The Dailymotion homepage also displays a trending video, categories, and an inquiry bar that permits the user to look for videos supported tags and a channel.

It also features a clean and straightforward video player. Overall, this shows what proportion of work professional developers put into the interface of Dailymotion.

However, Dailymotion is taken into account to be the poorer, darker brother of YouTube. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t perfect, it’s still an excellent website they rank # 124 on Moz’s top 500 list.


You cannot consider Facebook as a video sharing site or as an alternative to YouTube. However, Facebook may be a social network where users can upload and share videos. As an enormous game player among social networking sites, it’s no surprise that this is often a contest for YouTube.

Uploading videos to Facebook is extremely easy. There also are support tools that you can use to optimize your video, including thumbnails, tags, and, therefore, the choice to add a Meta description. Additionally, you’ll download HD videos without zooming.

You can also create live videos on Facebook more easily than on YouTube or other desktop platforms.


Veoh is one of the simplest YouTube alternatives that allow users to download and publish unlimited videos. The video player from Veoh also can be integrated into any website. There had been many full-length movies uploaded within the Veoh platform.


Patreon may be a unique alternative for YouTube that benefits long-term projects for recurring creations like video series or weekly / monthly podcasts. Unlike YouTube, Patreon focuses on an alternate subscription model to earn money with videos.

Viewers pay their content creators a monthly fee for viewing video content. Patreon has three subscriptions, Lite, Pro, and Premium, which each charge 5%, 8%, and 12%.


Vplayed, are often considered together of the simplest alternatives to the YouTube platform. Unlike YouTube, Vplayed offers a spread of unbiased monetization options for creators of both big and little videos. A 100% customizable software by-product company focused on a singular cost model.

Additionally to their various monetization models, they also offer HTML / HLS players and video-on-demand services on a secure DRM platform.

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