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Top 10 New year’s Eve Party Games for Adults

Everyone is excited for the New year’s eve when you make new ideas for fun. You invite some friends to your house and conduct some interesting fun. You can surprise your friends with some surprise games and foods.

Therefore we make a list of New Year’s Games for adults, and you can select some fierce fun from this list. So get ready for the New Year’s eve.

1.Two resolutions and a Lie

Try two resolutions and a Lie game on New Year’s Eve. in this game, each Person tells three resolutions in which two true and one is a lie. Each guest tells, and others try to figure out what is true and which is the lie. You can keep prizes and award then who guess the most correct.

2. Cotton Ball Race

In the cotton ball race, two balls and cotton balls are used. You make teams of six to ten people and mark a starting line with masking tape and place cotton balls bowl and vaseline jar on the table. Another empty bowl is kept on the table across the room.

Each team members dab vaseline on their noses and dip into the cotton balls bowl and then race their team’s bowl and deposit the cotton ball. The winner is that team whose members complete the race.

3. Memory Matching Game

For sharing old memories with friends and family, you can create the cards for DIY memory matching game. Through it, you can share the memories with your guests, and they can add some twist there.

4. Ribbon Dancing

In ribbon dancing, you will need ribbon cut into three-foot lengths. One is divided into two guests, you hold all the ribbons in the middle and grab the end of a ribbon. Two guests hold the ends of the same ribbon and make partners for a dance. There is so fun when guests see unusual pairings.

5. New year’s Eve Hat Game

Here comes an interesting game in which you all need a new years’ hat. All the guests sit in a circle and attempt to pass the hat in a circle without using their hands. The player who drops the hat, leave the circle. The last player wins the small prize.

6. Kiss Collecting

Kiss collection game is one of the most entertaining games for adults on New Year’s Eve. This game ends at the midnight ad before the end of the party. Five to ten Hershey kisses give to each woman and men who attend the party, collect kisses harshly during the party. When the time ends a nice prize is given to the winner.

7. Conversation Starter Cards for New Year’s Eve

These conversation-starting cards hit your annual New Year’s Eve Party. There could be different kinds of conversations such as ” Most embarrassing moment of the year, ” Best Movie of the Year”, Favorite memory of the year.” In this game, you just tell your favourite and true story.

8. Balloon Pop Charades

Another interesting New Year’s ve game for adults is balloon pop charades in which you fill inflated balloons with words and phrases. The guest is acting out the word or phrase on the slip of paper. Time is given to every player to discover their answer. The guest who guesses with the shortest time wins the game. There should be different kinds of phrases or words such as a noisemaker, happy, midnight, drunk, champagne and dancing.

9. Banana Bump

A banana and an orange is given to each guest and place a hula hoop in the centre of the room. Players sit in the circle around it on equal distances. The purpose of the game is to push the oranges into the hula hoop with the bananas. More fun create when the bananas are tied to players waist, and they can’t use their hands. Guest who first to get orange into hula hoop in the circle is the winner.

10. Song Matching

Before arriving the guests, you write the first few lines of a song on a paper slip, Cut this into two pieces and save for party. When the guests need some fun, you announce that it is the time to use their song lyrics. Slips are pass out and tell the guests to find the Person holding the slip with the lyrics that match theirs. the Person who first to do wins the game, and then you can use the pairing for a dinner or dance partners.


So they entertain your guests from the beginning of the party and till the end with foods, games and fun. Share the memories and pictures with them and create amazing fun.


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