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Top 10 Remote Desktop Managers for Windows

It is essential to have Remote Desktop Connection for those who are staying far from their family and friends. And if you want to connect them and troubleshoot is still a problem for you. Then you can stay connected with them with this connection.

However, Remote Desktop Protocol is a smooth way to get access to your loved ones while sitting far from them. Here we will mention some essential 10 Remote Desktop Connection apps that will help you to stay connected with your loved ones. You have to pick one from below to get connected.

Free Remote Desktop Connection Managers

A famous app is designed by Google to get a smooth connection with one or more PCs remotely. With the help of this connection, you can get any documents or apps according to your requirements.

And you can do this by connecting your mobile with that PC. It is easy to get connected. It did not require any sign-in process. You can enjoy it after installing it on your system. However, the authorization process is requested just for once. It is simply fantastic for audio and video calls and conferences.

Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager

The best app is for your PC with several features that will keep you connected with others without creating any problem. Besides the function of Remote Connection Manager, it also works as FTP, Putty, and Citrix. LogMeIn, VPN, and Team Viewer, which are also some extra features of this connection manager. You can also save your credentials as well as locally or for some external app e.g., KeePass.

If you don’t want to save such credentials, save the app cloud online. You can get fantastic access to other servers too. It will support several VPN connections, Windows Power Shell, and MS Azure Consol.



Another astounding app is working amazingly through “Terminal Server Active Client.” In contrast, it will integrate you with HTTP, Citrix, VNC, Console, and other several connections. It will support TCP connections, Trace Route, Ping, and Time Sync. You can install it on any version of Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan)

The best app is designed by Microsoft to get connected with several Remote Desktop Connections remotely. It works just like Windows MMC Remote Desktop Snap-In. It will support Windows XP and Windows 7.


MultiDesk will enable you to have several Remote desktop services. To get a more secure connection, use it with MultiDeskEnforcer. It is designed by using C++ and very easy to install because it is a small app. You can carry it anywhere with you as a portable device. Make and convert the connection very quickly by using this app. It will provide you robust security, which will never hack by anyone.


mRemote is now famous as mRemoteNG, which will connect you with several remote connections while sitting far from home. An open-source remote desktop is a client that will work with several protocols. It is very easy to use with a dynamic user interface. It will also provide you a very secure connection.

2x Client

It is a very useful client that is not only supporting Windows but also works on Android, Linux, Mac, and Chrome. If you want to get a quick connection, then use 2x Client. If you’re going to get connected with other than Windows, then it is best for you. Install it and get a smooth and quick connection very easily.

Paid Apps for Remote Desktop Connection

The remote desktop connections explained earlier are free to use. But If you want to enjoy some excellent connections that have some extra features then you can get that here. Like:


If we are making a comparison of paid and free remote connections, then obviously paid connections to have numbers due to distinct features and extra useful features. The same case is for “”, which is an excellent app designed for making online conferences and meetings.

It will connect different people from different locations on one platform with an audio conference feature. And you can also save this audio conference by using its recording feature. And you can connect 250 people in the audio conference at once.


It is also a fantastic paid app to stay connected. But you can get the first six months free without having any charge. And after this free trial, you will have to pay just 1.99 dollars per month only.

Although, it has a complicated installation process. But it very friendly user interface that will never annoy you. And you can connect five computers remotely at once by using Splashtop. You can make a very smooth and secure connection with this app.

Real VNC

It is available for both free and paid apps. It has two main components.

  • Client Applications
  • Server Application

You can make a connection personally and publically according to your needs. But it will also provide you a very secure connection with its amazing features.


Each remote connection manager has pros and cons. Seeking out what most closely fits your needs, I like to recommend downloading and trying out for yourself.

You can use one of them to manage RDP server connections and ssh connections to network switches. Always prefer that desktop manager that has a clean interface. And it should be simple to use and isn’t bloated with extra junk that you don’t need. I also can share the connection file with my team to form the entire team more efficiently.

These connections allow you to remote shadow end users’ systems to troubleshoot and assist with any issues they need. With the wide selection of their features, these are excellent tools for user support. That’s all. I hope that the above-mentioned list will help you to get a secure remote connection manager for you and your team.

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