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Top 5 Tiktok Couples Challenges During Lockdown

In the period of lockdown, everyone is restricted to their homes. The only source of entertainment which makes people engaged is various internet challenges. These are being expressed by people from bucket lists on Instagram to blast from past photos on

Facebook. Nowadays, Tiktok videos are trending, and mainly videos of couple’s challenges are on the horizon. Especially they are exploding during a lockdown. The famous Tiktok challenges you can do with your partner are Q&A Challenge, flip on a challenge, plank challenge, challenge of small gestures, and dance challenge.

Q&A challenge

In Q&A Challenge, a lot of interesting questions have been asked to partners about their relationship. On Tiktok, audio clips of questions are recorded to which partners give answers. When a couple accepts a challenge, it becomes great fun for partners and viewers.

In these videos, couples respond to questions by moving their heads right or left to explain who does what. The questions are like who uses the internet more, who sleeps more, who is good at cooking etc. The amusing thing about this challenge is viewers get to know how much understanding is between the partners.

Flip the switch challenge

Another fun challenge is the flip-on challenge. In this challenge, you have to stand before the mirror with your partner and dance. At the point when the sign changes, you have to switch the garments you’re wearing and enjoy a loud chuckle while attempting to resemble one another.

Exercise challenge

Partners who exercise together stick together! If you love making physical difficulties together, you should attempt the plank TikTok challenge. Put on your cherished stick and do plank next to each other. Roll under your accomplice while doing single-handed high fives to finish the fun with wellness.

Small gestures challenge

Assuming you are searching for a method to fulfill your duo, you must try the Tiktok challenge of small gestures. In these videos, you can get hundreds of ideas to show love for your partner. Not only this but also watching videos where couples introduce to many ways of expressing love for each other you can try it for your loved one.

Dance Challenge

Another amazing Tiktok challenge for couples is the dance challenge. It is total fun for both the makers and viewers. Couples all around the world containing celebrities are stumbling over it. People are amused by such entertaining content. Tiktok dance videos of Derek Hough are very famous and entertaining. In this video challenge, you have to film yourselves by attempting distinctive dance moves and afterward point at your accomplice to do a similar when it’s their move.

What makes TikTok couples challenge a trend?

Many people have been isolated with their duos in times of lockdown, and they typically don’t set aside many opportunities for themselves. These videos add power and exuberance to your dry day. So it’s high time for them to know one another better. Such things make you more creative and productive. In such challenging times, you can take the challenge of these videos with your partner and look into your dearest Tiktok couples for innovation.

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