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Volume Buttons are Not Working: How to Fix the Error?

Many iPhone possessors showed an issue with the volume buttons when they tried up the volume or down. They’ve noticed that the iPhone volume buttons were not working. When they press the buttons, nothing happens. It sounds like a tackle issue, but before you go to the Apple Store, there are many effects you should try because the bug in the software or dirt and dust on the volume buttons or in the charging harborage can create the issue. However, a renew or software update can fix the problem, If the software is the issue. When the buttons or charging problem, you’ll get relieved of the problem by removing the plug.

Some simple and easy hacks can be effective as well. Let’s see what troubleshooting way you can take to fix this.

Still, the first thing to try is a simple renewal, if you noticed the volume buttons on iPhone not working. You know that the device can act oddly, and a renew can fix colorful issues. Press and hold the sleep/ wake button. The slider will appear. When the phone is out, drag it to power off your iPhone, press and hold the sleep/ wake button to power it on.

Do A Soft Reset

In utmost cases, a renew ( shown over) will fix the problem, and the iPhone volume buttons will start working again. However, you may perform a soft reset, If that doesn’t be. Don’t worry. This won’t abolish your data.

  • So, hold and press the home and sleep button at the same time
  • Then keep holding both buttons until you see the Apple symbol.
  • Then press iPhone Volume Button.
  • Press the volume buttons many times. If you hear any sound? And if not, it can be because the buttons are stuck outside.

Ring/ Silent Button

This hack can help iPhone volume buttons to give back to normal. Try to toggle the ring/ silent button. Moreover, with this, also press the volume buttons. For some druggies, this simple step answered the problem, and the buttons started to work typically.

Earphone Trick

Still, there’s another simple trick that may work, If iPhone volume buttons aren’t working. You’ll need Apple earphones with a remote that allows you to acclimate the volume. Make sure you use the original bone. Attach earphones into the headphone jack. And try to raise up or lower the volume using it. Do you see the volume bar? Now, try to acclimate the sound using the iPhone volume buttons.

Assistive Touch

  • It can be advantageous. Open Settings> Go to General> Go to Accessibility.
  • Then turn Assistive touch on until a small icon appears on your screen.
  • Tap on it. Click on Device. Tap on volume over and down your device volume down many times. Then close the dialog.
  • Push the buttons. And they will work now, hopefully.

Clean The Volume Buttons

Still, remove it. And If you notice dirt or dust around the volume buttons. iPhone volume buttons are sensitive enough. However, if they’re dirty, they will respond sluggishly or won’t respond to each other. You can use a vacuum snout. Furthermore, if the buttons look sticky, use a q-tip and rub it using alcohol liquid.

Clean The Headphone Jack and Charging Port

However, in many cases, the problem was in the connector. It is very important if it has dust and dirt in it. With the use of a toothpick and clean the connector gently. Also, clean the headphone jack. Numerous druggies who faced this problem were suitable to eventually fix it by drawing the headphone jack and charging port. Therefore make sure to remove all the dirt and dust. Once you’re done, try to turn the volume up or down using the buttons.

Update IOS

Still, make sure to download and install the rearmost iOS interpretation if your iPhone software isn’t over to date.

  • Connect your device to a power source. And make it clear that your phone is charged properly and connected to a smooth WiFi.
  • Open Settings> Go to General> Go to Software Update option.
  • Click Download and Install Now (if you formerly downloaded the rearmost software interpretation)
  • Update the Software steps.

Restore iPhone

The restoring iPhone process will remove all the effects on your iPhone. Therefore, it would be wise to back up your data beforehand. Then are the way.

Ensure that your iPhone is charged properly.

Check that your device is connected to a smooth WiFi connection. Surely, you have the rearmost interpretation of iTunes.

Click Summary Tab to Restore

iTunes will download the firmware before the process starts. Wait and let the process complete.

Set up your device as a new device.

Restore iPhone using iTunes

iPhone volume buttons may not work after water touch.

When an iPhone disturbs by the touch of water, you need to turn it off right down. To do so, wipe the device using a cloth or any fabric. And remove the water from the microphone, speakers, charging port, and volume buttons. Take out the SIM card and open the lines (headphones, for case). Also, you have to let your phone dry thoroughly. When your phone is dry properly, you can turn it back on. If the iPhone volume buttons are not working, it may be because the water damaged the factors of the device. It is good for you to visit the Apple Store or any Apple-authorized franchise.

These problems appear on iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s+, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7+.

We’ve participated in some simple tricks and several useful results that worked for numerous users. However, communicate with your carrier or Apple, or visit one of Apple’s stores hard, if you tried them all and iPhone volume buttons don’t work.

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