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What Is Norstrat – Everything About Northern Strategy of Canada

Norstrat is a Canadian-based consulting company founded in 1988 and owned by Lee Carson. This consulting company provides services at a large level to several industries.

What Is Norstrat?

In this modern era, businesses have developed and reached high positions. To get success in the corporate world is not an easy task for every business because there are so many competitors. However, now everyone is working so hard and trying to develop the business with the best business development strategies. Among others, Norstrat is a well-known name that is a northern strategy, and people always need help to implement it.

Norstrat Consulting Inc works with the biggest brands in Canada, such as MacDonald, Calvin, Babcock, Aeronautucsm L-3 Ocean Systems, and many more. Now, Northern strategy is the top consulting company in Canada. It developed a strong commitment to its clients.

Background of Norstrat?

Norstrat is a Canadian-based consulting company founded in 1988 and owned by Lee Carson. This consulting company provides services at a large level to several industries. It became popular quickly and is considered a professional consulting company that offers finance, technology, logistics, and healthcare services.

Norstrat is a challenging infrastructure project that unites the country from east to west. it is an engineering marvel and fills up your future with bright hopes. You wait eagerly in line at Norstrat group to build bridges across frozen rivers. Now it is a global communication company that provides the best services for every business.

Founder of Norstrat

Norstrat consulting company was formed by Lee Carson, who is the principal consultant with the Department of National Resources of Canada. This northern Strategy became a full-time consultant and founded the company in 1988.

This North American Strategy has become the most significant company after the telecom and information technology industries.

Norstrat was founded by the collaboration of Canadian armed forces and government officials. The Northern Strategy started with a small office in Canada and then extended to the United States. It was developed to provide digital marketing strategies to international customers for their telecommunications marketing services.

What Services Norstrat Provide?

Nordstrom provides many services that give benefit you. It offers according to your needs and provides access to major industries regarding your business. In the major services, the following are included.

  • Product Description and management support
  • Strategic business development training
  • Bid support and recording
  • Details description about purchasing strategy.
  • Description of performance
  • Memorandum of cabinet
  • Demonstration of story expertise
  • Strategic advice on Northern strategy
  • Digital consulting
  • Research marketing and identity design

Norstrat also collaborates with Hill & Knowlton strategies, giving access to more than 400 community service professionals. It helps to achieve their goal in a timely fashion. Moreover, it also offers training programs such as business training programs, entrepreneurship, leadership programs, and development workshops. Professionals always remain up to date with current strategies and improve soft skills with formal instructions and practical exercises.

Norstrat partners with Special Training

Norstrat is fully committed to providing services to its partners, including the following programs.

Compliance program.

The operation compliance program ensures that everyone works effectively and perfectly according to norstrat standards. It monitors day-to-day tasks and issues that arise.

Training programs

It provides training courses so that they can perform better through specific procedures. There are multiple benefits of these training programs, such as

  1. Various security professionals with different disciplines come together for security purposes.
  2. Professionals. Entrepreneurs and experts provide customized training. These people are trained by Edmonton police services, RCMP national security programs, and the Canadian special forces unit.
  3. Norstrat consulting incorporates security professionals to solve any security issues which partners face.
  4. Police and military professionals audit the current security measures free of charge.
  5. Marketing opportunities are available at free business networking nights
  6. It also supports physical security programs in which privacy impact assessment is included, protecting firms from terrorist threats.

Norstrat Expertise

Norstrat has multiple expertise in implementing the Northern strategy. In this strategy, the failure rate of business development is almost zero. Let’s talk about its expertise areas.

Business Growth Expertise

Norstrat was ranked at the top in the business growth field and got successful in the federal’s government growth rate. They offer creative and innovative strategies to achieve overall administration development in the business.

Project management expertise

Norstrat completed many tasks and achieved massive success in different projects. Project management is the top-notch of norstrat.

Capital project expertise

Norstrat completed the Radarsat and Radarsat II constellation mission and succeeded in the Maritime coastal defense vessel, and they are experts in a focused capital project. They provide training programs such as workshops for professional development, coaching program, and executive coaching.


Shortly, Norstrat consulting incorporated a company made for implementing northern strategy from east to west. Retired Canadian armed forces and northern business leaders established this to seek better opportunities for the community.
The group supports private sector military productions, research, and development companies to produce weapons.
Moreover, it has become an essential infrastructure to protect against what could happen next.
Yes! the company is a modern-day business to demonstrate how efficiently it works in real life.

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